When to fire your neurosurgeon

I had a ruptured basilar artery aneurysm in 7/2015. It was coiled and I have 2 other aneurysms they are watching. Since the rupture I’ve always had issues on my left side of body. Recently, I’ve had loss of right peripheral vision and right arm/hand loss of feeling. I had a recent cerebral angiogram where doctor said there’s an area of bulging with the aneurysm that ruptured but did not elaborate just said we’ll do this again in 6 months. 2 months later he still hasn’t signed off on the report and my calls go unanswered about my new symptoms. I work with a ton of docs who would review my tests for me but I can’t get them because they’re not finalized. My next appointment is in Jan. Should I seek out another doctor? Or stick with the one who did my original surgery even though he doesn’t respond or explain things to me?

Write a letter to him ASAP, explaining that you need the report for a second opinion, an appointment you have already made, so you can include it in your letter. Force the issue.

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I have a 2nd opinion scheduled for dec 13th. In the mean time, I’ve experienced side effects that should be addressed which my current neurosurgeon isn’t doing. I’ve been told it’s his staff and not him to blame, but why become a doctor at all if you’re not involved in your patients care? If your staff can’t relay messages than get new staff. This is life or death. It isn’t, “oh, she’s a hypochondriac”. I bled into my brain and had warning signs prior that I let go because doctors were too busy to see me. My fault entirely, but I thought doctors were here to heal not hurt.


It looks like you are having emergency issues based on your previous post (horrible headaches with vomiting) and your current posting (arm numbness/peripheral vision loss). These symptoms may be a stroke All ruptured aneurysm are bad but basilar artery rupture is one of worst as it is artery system for the brain stem and also feeds the AICA and SCA of the cerebellum. I know the frustration of working with the physicians office. If these symptoms continue or get worse, please go the emergency room who will contact your Neuro-Surgeon bypassing the office admin. Also, for second opinion or even 3rd, it would be good to go a hospital or Neuro-Surgeon who specializes in Aneuryms like in NYC or Boston. Also, please have a friend or family that you can contact 24/7 as your post symptoms look serious.

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