What to pack for hospital?

I am scheduled to have my aneurysm clipped on May 30. I am big into lists…made a list of recipes to stock the freezer, have a list of appointments and reminders before surgery…like to be organized.

Just curious if people have any tips for things I should be packing for the hospital. Will I even feel like reading? What about an iPad? Or will I just sleep most of the time and not need much of anything? Just curious if anyone has any good tidbits to pass along.


Hi Kim,

I suggest packing a bag for a family member to be bring to you once you’re out of ICU. Keeping up with belongings is challenging until you’re out of the ICU. You are likely to be moved around quite a bit as you go from pre surgery to surgery to revcovery to ICU. It is likely that you will be given a list of things that you should not bring - especially valuables.

Your recovery will dictate whether you will want to read or use your iPad but, please consider security, Unlike with a laptop, I haven’t figured out how to tether mine so that it cab’t be removed. :frowning: Maybe someone else can comment on how to handle it since several people have posted updates within a day or so of their surgery. You may want to confirm ahead of time that you will have wi-fi access in the neuro section of the hospital.

Some suggestions for what to pack: your cell phone, a pad and a pen, bathrobe and slippers, something pretty to wear on your head that’s not too tight, personal cleansing products (if you don’t like hospital issue), lotion and a light fragrance.

I hope this helps.


Ear Plugs!! Hospitals are sooo noisy especially at night. Also maybe something to cover your eyes in case you are sensitive to the light afterwards ( it never gets truly dark which frustrated me so i spent alot of time 'hiding' under a t shirt!) And your sense of humour! Good luck xx

Best wishes Kim. Not only for the hospital but set your bedroom up for

pampering when you do get home. I packed like everyone else here but

never got to use even my own gown. Went in on a Monday and home by

Friday evening. I was just so content on all going well and really not "all

there" for the 4 days.

Better to have your items and be prepared than not. My husband kept my hospital bag in our

car and waited for me to tell him to bring it in. Never was necessary.

Blessings & prayers to you. All will go fine. Jeanne

Hi Kim...me too...love lists and being organized...my "anal retentative nature"...hahahaha...Actually...I packed a small bag for hubby to take with him...in it...I had my toothbrush and toothpaste, peanut butter crackers (energy for him)...and clean pair of underwear...that was it...I was in the Hospital for 8 days...Everything pretty much provided or I wasn't allowed in ICU...my husband had his IPAD for him to read...I slept alot ... and when I was awake...walked up and down the halls...

I agree with Carole...I wouldn't bring too many valuables...

Gotcha in my Thoughts ... Colleen

Hi Kim, when I had my aneurysm clipped, I was in ICU one night, regular room one night, and discharged the next day. DIdn't feel much up for reading but did find my cell phone very useful. Just watched TV and watched what was going on around me. Hospital supplied lotion, toothpaste & toothbrush and those knit footies - wasn't allowed to shampoo hair until stitches came out. So, I acutally never got out of the hospital johnny until it was time to go home. Travel light!! Good luck to you.

I'm a notorious overpacker & I way overpacked for my clipping surgery last summer. I took: a couple of pairs of shorts & a couple of t-shirst; a couple of tank tops; pajama bottoms; a hoodie; my laptop; my kindle; my toiletries; my totebag I use as a purse; my blackberry; my phone charger (laptop charger was in the laptop bag); a fuzzy blanket.... and probable more.

My family kept my belongings while I was in surgery (my mom, husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law; brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces were there). At least one family member was with me at almost all times while I was in Neuro ICU and then when I was moved into a regular room.

This is what I actually needed: laptop to keep everyone else entertained--my right eye was swollen shut & I couldn't see it anyway; my phone--my husband read me facebook & email messages that people sent; lip balm; the fuzzy blanket for everyone else to use since they slept in a draft; one pair of shorts & a tank top. Oh, yeah--and a little cash. My mother-in-law went down to the cafeteria to get herself some breakfast & brought me back a nice big mocha. My last night there I was starving (from either disliking the food that was served or not been able to physically open my mouth enough & chew what was brought), so my husband went to the cafeteria & bought me a bowl of gumbo--one of my fav. comfort foods.


I have to admit this is one of the best notes that I've read in a while. It made me smile.

Did you go to a resort hospital ? :-)

That you had a mocha and gumbo is testament to your good recovery!

May God continue to bless you!


Carole--you should see me pack for a 2 week camping trip! I have one "dry" ice chest just for all my "kitchen" stuff--spices, dish soap; utensils; ziplocks; scrubber sponge; dish towel; iron skillet;....We eat GOOD when we go camping. I make fajitas, gumbo, burgers...all sorts of good stuff on a camp stove. That skill paid off after Hurricane Ike a few years ago. :)

Thanks everyone! I have completed a ‘packing list’ which helps me. I am starting to feel a little rattled about surgery…two weeks from today…so this helps me.

I am happy and confident in my decision but that doesn’t stop me from being worried, scared, nervous, etc, etc. I am looking forward to having the whole thing over with. I had a pre-admission call with a nurse and ‘informed consent’ provided me with too much information!

Anyway, thanks again!