What to expect post coiling!

Hi everyone, My mom was diagnosed with a giant aneurysm and she had the coiling done just a month ago. Since then she is complaining of extreme fatigue. Is tiredness common after coiling? and to make the matter worse she has lost her vision completely. Doctors have assured that she would get back most of her vision but only after a couple of months. its been over a month and i see no improvement in her vision and tiredness.

Please do share your experiences post coiling.



Tiredness is still with me 1 1/2 years later. Vision got worse after Coiling, but very thankful I can see okay with stronger lenses. I find that if I push to hard and get overly tired my speech is not good and memory is worse. I look at it as THE NEW ME.....after all this time passing , it's still there. But on a good note, I'm still here. I take one day at a time. I still work 4 days a week and it gets really tough sometimes. My work family are awesome though. They understand.

Again...it takes time to heal...and to know what one's "new normal" will be after coiling, clipping, pipeline, etc.,

Patience for mom is definitely required...~sending thoughts out to you and your mom ~ Colleen

Hi...I was coiled on March 23, 2012 and still tire very quickly and go to bed early. As for my vision I needed much stronger glasses but can see fine with them. A nurse told my daughter that it would take me approximately 3 month to recover for every month I was in the hospital. I was hospitalized for 5 months and got out last August so I hope that by this November I will be good to go. Best wishes to your Mom and remember patience - she has alot of healing to do...Mary