What should i do waiting for in denile consultants :¬(

You could send your images into a what’s called a “2nd opinion program”. Google Neurology 2nd opinion.

Realizing you are in the U.K., it would just be an opinion at least. You would have to pay $, but it’s not really that much in the grand scheme of finding out if those are actually aneurysms and what to do. I went through Barrow as that was closest to me, and received a very thorough report.

@[trekhard] thank you for those ideas very interesting :¬)
I have a sort of 2nd opion in the slow pipeline at the moment i will hopefuly wait it out till they report back

tonight i have apointment with a Consultant Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon (due to prominent veins and eye ache) - i was refered by an eye consultant that jsut wanted to put cataract replacement lenses in

what has this got to do ith anywhing ?
I have to ask in conjunction with aneurism but i dont hold out much hope

Many thanks for thinking about me and taking the time to come up with ideas i appreciate it all :¬)


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Just a quick update
stroke consultant said the blobs are calcified pioneal gland (40% people have this and not well researched)
i am still getting neuro radioligist to walk me through it sometime but its kind of good news there is a reason other than aneurysm
all appendages crossed :¬)


My understanding of that is that a calcification is a blockage, I think usually caused by very slow blood flow. So, as you say, not something like an aneurysm at all: doesn’t pose a risk like that.

Definitely to discuss any implications with the neuroradiologist but I think likely the sort of thing that is left alone with no implications.
Myy understanding is that the venous infrastructure often has alternate flow routes, so if it is completely blocked, it may still be absolutely fine as is.

Very interested to learn more when you see the doc.



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