What happens after surgery?

Okay, this may seem kind of silly… But once our aneurysms have been treated, what happens to them? I’ve looked for answers, but haven’t quite found any. My aneurysm rupture was a total surprise, I didn’t even know I had one. 2012 has already been so outrageous, but I’m pushing through! I just had headaches very often and that classic worst headache of my life Feb 1. After some research, I think that may have been a sentinel headache and the aneurysm began to leak, before an all out rupture Saturday night, Feb 4. So, of course I’m left with many questions about all of this and I didn’t think to ask my neurosurgeon during my follow up March 6th. As my family told me, I only had that one aneurysm, doctor said it was small and looked like it had been growing for years. He also said it was “superficial,” and when he went in (clipping) “I didn’t have to find it, it found me.” Praise God! My sister told me he placed 2 “chip clip” looking clips on it, and my surgery that was supposed to be at least 4 hours was an hour 45 minutes. I cab only imagine my family’s complete shock when they saw my surgeon headed their way so soon after taking me off… As if they hadn’t already suffered enough in the past 40 or so hours… My surgery was Feb 6. I remember the transcranial dopplers and the tech who did them told me “You look great!” I also remember going for some kind of scan (maybe an MRI) one night during my ICU stay and I don’t believe anything was abnormal with that.

I’m just curious. Also, how long do all of the medications and anesthesia take to get out of your system? I was on a lot of medicine in the hospital, and I know I was sedated with propofol, I believe. I have no memory from the beginning of my ICU stay… But I know my mom asked them to stop dripping Dilaudid during the day because I was too groggy. I haven’t gotten my medical records yet, but during my follow up, I asked my surgeon where it was located. He told me right side, maybe 3 inches in (he made a gesture with his fingers, I’m estimating how deep it was) between the lobes, but kind of behind my temple… So I’m guessing between the temporal and front lobes, maybe? And since it was superficial, I’m guessing superficial temporal artery? I have no clue… Just guessing! Oh, and if it matters, I’m 24 so I will have to have a test done around my 30th birthday my surgeon said. We don’t know what caused it, but I do remember hitting my head hard enough to crack a windshield when I was 14… And my mom’s aunt survived a ruptured aneurysm, while her cousin passed away from an aneurysm rupture! So mine could be genetic, or not? Better safe than sorry with future testing!

Thank you for your time and answers. :slight_smile:

oops! Meant to say the aneurysm was small, but looked like it had been growing for 10 years.

Thank you, Jo! The technology is so advanced these days, it’s crazy. Having all of this information at my fingertips has been both a blessing and curse, though. When I first came home, I thought EVERY little ache or pain meant something else was wrong… Since my aneurysm rupture was a total emergency situation and we did not know. My surgeon told me worries like that should get better in time, and my anxiety has decreased big time :slight_smile: Yes, Easter does apply… God is truly the only reason I’m here and doing as well as I am today! I’ve got to go give my love and praise to Him! You have a great Easter, too!