Well, things change!

Well, met with my Dr on this past Monday and we went over everything. It seems there were some issues with the placement of my annie and that is what took longer to come up with recommendations. He presented it to 4 other surgeons and gathered their input as well..they debated whether or not to treat it at all, or coil it. They all came to the same conclusion of coiling it, taking my young age into consideration as well. It seems mine is located in the space between the 2 lobes and it is quite deep..something they say isn't where they normally form..and the depth concerned them as well. And, the angio also showed that it is smaller than first thought, with the MRI images. We discussed coiling at length and then discussed clipping. Once he showed me the incision he'd have to make to do the craniotomy that kinda made me hesitate. The incision would be extremely large. Then he said there was a chance of memory issues..issues that would remain. So, after much discussion and debating and thinking..I called the nurse this morning to schedule the coiling. I'm ready to be done with this and move on.

So glad you are getting the show on the road...sending good positive vibes your way ~ Colleen

great Kristin! Coiling is good! lasted 4 yrs so far. I'm glad your moving forward and that they explained it all to you, its an "easy" operation--I know its easy for me to say -right? Keeping you in thoughts and prayers-let us know how your doing~

thanks Jim- good to know!

Thanks everyone!! I'm feeling very positive about the upcoming surgery! I'm very ready to be done with all this and move forward! Thanks for the positive feedback..this site has been so great thru all this!!! The nurse called me back this afternoon, surgery is scheduled for the 18th of this month! So, 2 weeks from today I will be sitting in a hotel room, TRYING to sleep!!! :)

My thoughts n prayers r with you....