Welcome Colby from Boston!


Hi there Colby! My name is Arjuna, and I am an intern at Ben’s Friends. I understand that you have a loose screw from a clipping surgery you had 20 years ago, and are curious as to what to expect. That is definitely a good question to ask our community here, and I highly encourage that you do so Colby! You can click the “+ New Topic” tab, and create a discussion post under the General Discussion, where your question will be viewed by us all. You have definitely come to the right place, and I hope we will be of good help to you. Aside from posting your own discussion thread, which I once again highly suggest you do so, you can also use the search icon to read up on existing discussions that may be of relevance. I have done a quick search for the word “screws” on here, and there seem to be quite a few discussions on the topic, but none specific to your very case. Nonetheless, here is the link to that search : Search results for 'screws' - Brain Aneurysm Support Community

It must have been a relief 20 years ago when you finally were able to open your right eye! It must have been overwhelming to hear that your optical nerve was hit! I am very glad that everything has worked out for you. I look forward to hearing from you Colby! Keep us posted on the operation and your recovery. Best wishes, and once again, a warm welcome to our community. We are so glad you joined us.

PS- I currently have a golden retriever! He is amazing- I am a crazy dog person as well Colby!

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