Weird feelings at dentist after ruptured annie?

Just curious if anyone felt strange at the dentist since their ruptured annie? Mine ruptured and I had it clipped in August. Last month while getting a filling during the drilling, I felt really dizzy. I then got weird anxiety thinking the dentist was vibrating my clip or something. I have to go back to the dentist next week for a root canal and am freaking out about it now. Has anyone felt strange in the dentist’s chair since your ra?

Yes and not just the dentist. Other things like riding a roller coaster at Disney Land and going upside down or super fast. Just call your doctor and ask what your limitations are if any! Best wishes!!

Two years after my sah and coiling I had to get dentures. He pulled about 18 teeth & pieces. It was hard as one wisdom tooth was sideways. My point is, I had NO PROBLEMS at all. My own nerves and anxiety were what tried to take over. I had to take an anti anxiety pill but all’s well! Praying for you!!

My dentist is great! Much better than the ones I had mostly encountered while in the Navy. Since my rupture, he gives me antibiotics to take, they put cloths over my eyes so they can see but the light is negligible, and they take their time. They schedule me in two spots. So far it’s just been teeth cleaning. But when the drill starts…ARGH! My dentist came in with a cool cloth, one over my eyes and one behind my neck and around my throat. He also suggested an OTC for me to take about 30 minutes before I go to his office. Did wonders! Lucky for me he fixed all the fubars from the Navy over the years, prior to rupture :slight_smile:

Hi Jody,

Having written extensively about a related subject, post surgical patients can expect their central nervous system to pick up on certain frequencies and vibrations (in physics these are the same thing.) Anxiety medication might be most helpful unless you can meditate intensively and tell your brain it's not anything to worry about. I say good luck to the latter as I (a non SAH patient) have a hard time convincing my brain it's not under attack when just getting a simple cleaning - the safety glasses start fogging up and I start sweating.


Thanks so much for the replies everyone!! It’s good to hear I’m not crazy!!! Gonna go get my mitts on some Adavan or something!!!