Weird fear- Annie in chest?

I have been having a dull chest pain and I have a weird fear that maybe I have an annie in there as well. Is there any link with having one in the brain and aorta as well? Or is it just my imagination. I asked GP who said unlikely and that I should focus on my brain first.

I can't answer your question, but since you have chest pain have you been checked out...??? ~ Colleen

Hello Fiona,

You know I do recall someone who had an anuerysm also had an aortic annie (could just be a mad coincidence though)! that was the ONLY time i'd heard that one , so it probably could be just a mad coincidence...having it checked out though, perhaps not a bad idea....(?) Peace , Janet

Thee dull chest pain may be due tension or anything though, ive had pains in my çt chest too. Pretty bad ones. Never could figure out the cause. It cgot so bad one time I fell to the floor and had to crawl to the couch. My husband took me to the ER and they said my heart was fine. All they did was give me morphine and send me home. I was pretty upset, i wanted answers not a quick fix.

Fiona, prayers for you to get checked / diagnosed...

My memory is blanking on your status; i.e. have you been diagnosed and/or treated?

If treated, how long hospitalized, and when did your dull chest pain begin? Have you, or your GP, called that doctor?

Prayers you get your answers and your comfort level...


Diagnosed 5mm annie cerebal anterior. Had an angio on Wednesday for further info. Will be having surgery soon once they know what path is best to follow. Chest pain began about two weeks ago and have known about annie for about 3 weeks.

Hugs Dawn I hate it when they brush things under the carpet.

Thanks Janet, booked into dr Sunday however have already asked and she said its best to leave it until my annie is treated.

I have been and dr wanted to wait until I have my annie surgery which I am not happy with.


Weakened arteries can be anywhere in your body. Have you had an angiogram done for your aneurysm, yet? If not, they have to pass right by the aorta, they can check if on the way by to be sure it is ok. My surgeon checked while he did the angiogram of my brain. I have microvascular disease which affects both my heart and my brain. Disease in vessels basically can be throughout the body. So it is always good to check the heart if you have things going on in the vessels in the brain. Before any surgeries they will do an EKG to make sure the heart is functioning well. They will not put you at risk in surgery. I started out my year in 2012 with heart issues and took a detour with my aneurysm. It was an incidental find. The main focus was taking care of the aneurysm yet making sure my heart was strong enough for my craniotomy. I did fine and now we are back focusing on my heart and getting to the bottom of all the chest pain. So, I agree with your GP in focusing on your brain first. But, there is no reason that they can't check your aorta during the angiogram of your brain if they haven't already done the angiogram.