Wedding today, surgery tomorrow

My brothers wedding reception was today and it went perfectly!! I gave my best man speech (which i felt was awesome :) and I couldn't be happier for Him and my new sister-in-law!! I have to say I couldn't think of a better event leading into surgery tomorrow!

On that note, Surgery is tomorrow! Pipeline embolization device goes in at 2pm and i plan on being ready to go by 8 pm that night! I know Cece is going through the same thing tomorrow and I'm sure she will be doing just as well as I am!! Ill keep you posted tomorrow after everything is done and I'm back to doing everything I love!


P.s. I'm terrible at resting when I'm sick or anything so hopefully I can make my self rest for a little bit after :)

Nathan,Holy moly! I’m new here but best man speech and then surgery! Very impressive;) lots of prayers for you tomorrow.with your attitude smooth sailing!

Best wishes for a smooth procedure and speedy recovery! Keep us posted - you will do great!

((((Nathan)))) and ((((Cece))))

Both of you have my prayers...! Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen

I know you won’t be on here now Nathan but I am praying you are recovering wonderfully!


By now your surgery is over and you are officially a PED recipient and a fellow survivor. I wish I had your stamina and strength and hope that you can maintain that once surgery is over. Please remember that you do need rest, rest and more rest to allow your body and your brain to heal. Don't overdo it and please let us know how everyting is going.

You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Surgery went great!!! Its over i feel good qnd im probably getting out of here today!!!

Yay!!! So glad to hear!

Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat to much!


Awesome... That's great news.. Rest..

Lol I didnt upstage my brother at all. It was their day so i tryed to make sure it stayed that way :slight_smile: Im just glad its all over with!

Glad it is over with for you too Nathan...

Are you home? Now rest that brain and feel better...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen