Webinar: After Aneurysm Treatment ~ Cognitive Problems and Aneurysm Recurrence

WHEN: February 6, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
WHERE: Online Webinar
CONTACT: Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Dr. Andrew Ringer is a neurosurgeon with the Mayfield Brain & Spine who treats a wide range of diseases and disorders of the brain and spine. He has particular expertise in endovascular coiling and surgical clipping of aneurysms; embolization of tumors and vascular malformations; angioplasty and stenting for intracranial artery stenosis and stroke; arteriovenous malformation embolization and surgery; carotid stenting and endarterectomy; kyphoplasty for spinal fractures, and Chiari malformations.

Dr. Ringer earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and medical degree at University of Illinois. He subsequently completed his residency in neurosurgery with Mayfield and the University of Cincinnati Department of Neurosurgery. He then completed a fellowship in endovascular surgery with University at Buffalo in New York.

He joined Mayfield Brain & Spine in 2001 and is Chief of Neurosciences at TriHealth Hospital System and Director of Neurosurgery at Good Samaritan Hospital.


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