Vomiting aftfer clipping

feeling helpless and frustrated, my mother has started vomiting since last night 2days after her clipping, i cant go see her because i have been diagnosed with a contagious virus today and they havent done any tests on her to make sure she is not in any serious danger, just assuming she needs to be mobile, im worried sick and digust the way they put peoples life at risk, god help us


I was vomiting 2 days later as well. I woke up very sick after getting home the night before. I was given phenagren, which knocked me out and I did not have any more problems. Praying for mum and you. God Bless you and your Mother!

You need a Big Hug!! (((( ))))


Hi Millie...You mean the hospital hasn't given mom anything for vomiting...you can call her Doctor and request phenagren or something that will help you mom from vomiting...you need to get rest and feel better... and like Karen...I will say prayers for you both...Cyber~prayers your way .... Colleen