Vision loss

6 weeks post PED surgery for a 16mm unruptured aneurysm pressing on back of optic nerve. Had lost 90% of vision in that eye prior to surgery, with no improvement yet. Does anyone have similiar story of loss of vision? Did it return?

Sending out a prayer and positive vibe to you Brenda...that this is temporary ... and not your "new normal"...~ Colleen

Hi Brenda,

in 1998 , as my left Posterier Communicating artery Annie was growing quite alot, the pressure of the growth wound up snapping my 3rd optic nerve in two, which resulted in severe double vision while using both eyes at once, (I could still see out of the left eye though, if I covered the right eye first) annie was clipped two day s later, but I had the severe double vision for at least another 4 months afterward. It finally corrected itself and my vision was just as good (or bad)? as it had ever been prior to the aneurysm.

What does your Neurosurgeon say about the vision loss? Have you gone to see a Neuro Othomoligist yet? In my case I never bothered to see the eye specialist after the aneursym surgery, and I just hoped to God that the vision would self-correct itself, and thankfully it did. I think a lot depends upon which optic nerve was affected as there are at least 8 optic nerves...I wouldn't hesitate to contact an eye specialist, Brenda. They should have some answers i'd think. Peace, Janet

My annie was found due to vision loss. I am 5 months out and no improvement in vision. I have about 90% loss in left eye.

hi lily…same thing… vision loss in left eye, like looking thru a cloudy window. can see only 1/4 of a person’s face. I had Pipeline surgery 6 weeks ago. bad headaches every day. which procedure did you have? and did you have follow-up angiogram yet?

thank you Janet. I will look into the neuro eye dr.

Had follow up 3 weeks ago. Doc said, “couldn’t be better.” Had PED and coils in two annies … One giant and one large. Not expecting sight back. I understand the cloudy look.

Also bad headaches for about 2.5 months

My neuro opthalmoligist was the one who found my annies. See him again in November.

how large was your annie(s)?

I think larger one was golf ball size

I had 10 coils and 2 pipelines 15mm internal carotid artery unruptured Annie leaning on optic nerve left side. Surgery was Last week . my vision is worse. I’m glad to be alive! But hoping my sight comes back!

I’m so sorry to hear that! I had a ophthalmic carotid aneurysm behind my right eye and had a full craniotomy with 3 clips put in on 11/30/2005 and it caused some scar tissue on my optic nerve. It caused some vision loss but it did get better after about 6 months. Hopefully you also regain yours!!

A good source to locate a neuro-optometric doctor in your area is