Vision changes and Ringing in the ears

I have multiple annies, 2 coiled and 2 being watched. I ruptured in November 2010. I have a new onset of vision and ringing in my ears. Can this be a sign of annie growth?


Please call your neurologist, neurosurgeon, or interventional neuroradiologist and speak with him/her. You should ask to have an angiogram, or at least a 3T MRI/MRA to see if there is any growth/changes in your remaining aneurysms, or if there has been any recanalization of your coiled aneurysms. Insist on meeting with your doctor to be sure. Also discuss with them if you are developing too high an intracranial pressure and may need a shunt or medication to control it. Increases with intracranial pressure can cause ringing in the ears, headaches and vision changes.

I have ringing in my ears and have lost vision in my lower left eye, and at last check my aneurysms were stable. I will be having an angiogram soon. Every year I have a 3T MRA/MRI and every three years I have an angiogram. Since I already have a history of ruptures (as you do), I insist that my remaining aneurysm is watched closely.

You'll feel better if you have an open discussion with your doctor.


Hi Peggy...I agree with your Doctor...

I had one 1 coiled and 1 being watched...and I know the Neurosugeon's told me if I start to have vision problem, call immediately...

Please keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your reply. I have had 2 angiograms one at six months and one at 18months post coiling. I have had 3 mra/mri's. the most recent mra/mri was done in October. All appears to be fine. I know I am not imagining my recent vision changes and ringing in the ears. You mention intracraninal pressure, what exactly does that mean?



Hi Peggy,

Speak with your doctor about "secondary intracranial hypertension (SIH)". Head trauma is a very common cause for SIH. Basically, you have too much, or rapidly changing amounts, of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). The symptoms include vision changes (blurring and vision loss), ringing in the ears, and headaches.

Here are some places to start:

One website is although it doesn't do much with SIH, it does cover primary hypertension, which has similar testing and treatment. (please link to the articles on the far right)

Article for your doctor:

A whole bunch of videos about Primary Hypertension :

A support group and forum:

Good luck!


Hey Julie,

Thanks for the information posted, greatly appreciated. Now I am scared to death....! I will call my doctor today and let you all know the outcome.


Hi Peggy,

Please don't be scared. Increased cranial pressure can stabilize, and just cause the ringing and vision changes, or can go away over time. Your doctor may perscribe a medication like Hydrochlorothiazide which can lower your blood pressure throughout your whole body (even if you don't have high blood pressure) which will lower the blood pressure within your brain.

At least you have a starting point.