Vertigo Symptoms Update

Just got results from additional testing trying to figure out why I am having Vertigo symptoms…
Had both a hearing test and a VNG (some kind of video, ear balance test)… The results confirmed … No Vertigo… But also confirmed…neurological balance/dizziness issues which create the nausea and vomiting… Maybe related to medicine side effects, issues w/ optic nerve… But Neuro surgeon insists not related to Aneurysm… But, wants me to follow up w/ neurologist after coiling next week…I guess more to come…

Oh yeah, the absolute response from the Neurosurgeon is exactly that. Lol, go figure, eh? I think we've all heard it, I don't think any of us believe it of course.

Peace, Janet

Hi Christina ... I too have experienced so much vertigo and balance issues...have gone through testing, etc., (after coiling)...and told by Neurologist it is brain aneurysm location...told by Neurosurgeon it has nothing to do with the brain aneurysm...go figure? ~ Hope you get some answers and can share with us...~ Colleen

Amen sistah.

Where is ur aneurism located amy

Befor my ruptured aneurysm I Had a few vertigo issues. Since the rupture just over a year ago..not one bought of vertigo. Not sure if one had to do with the other. Just happy not to have that issue.

My aneurism is gone!! It was behind my right eye.