Vasospasms after ruptured aneurysm

I have a friend who recently had a ruptured brain aneurysm he had Emergency coiling and a couple of days later had moderate vasospasms this led to him having another brain procedure to inject meds directly In the vessels too stop the spasms today his vasospasms was back up to moderate has anyone experienced this… He is alert but sluggish and scared my heart hurts for him

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Our doctors told us that vasospasms are common from day 4 until day 14 after surgery. My wife had a procedure daily during that time to treat the vasospasm, either balloon angioplasty, medicine angioplasty, or both. At day 14 they stopped. It may not be the same for everyone, but it was expected and happened just as they said it would. My wife was treated eight years ago at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, CO.


Thank you I understand a lot about stroke because I am a vascular ultrasound technologist but because it’s been a long time since school and very few TCD study’s in recent years I am a not sure if this is normal and or expected Thanks again

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When I had my ruptured aneurysm in 2012, I was part of a study to test a drug called Dantrolene which actually " is a muscle relaxer that is used to treat muscle spasticity (stiffness and spasms) caused by conditions such as a spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis.". The theory was that it might help prevent vasospasms after the aneurysm rupture. I did not have any vasospasms. When the study was completed I learned that I was one who had been given the drug, but the doctor told me that the study had only been to test the safety of it and not the efficacy and that they could not determine if it is helpful in preventing vasospasms because the study was too small. I do not know what, if anything, has happened since then with the theory, but a tiny bit of research I did indicates that there is progress. I know of someone years ago who had vasospasms and then they stopped. He is doing very well still. Hopefully it will be the same for your friend.

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Julie, I understand your fear. I vasospasmed for 21 days of the 26 in ICU. I was put on the floor only to have to go back into ICU. The one doctor didn’t want me to move at all and I received a loving harsh directive from him. He was scared, I am obstinate. Vasospasms aren’t fun is all I know to say. No one in ICU expected me to live. I remember trying to read up on them and there wasn’t many studies or papers written on the subject. I think if you check out NINDS, you might find more.

There was conflict among all the doctors on what my surgeon should do. She kept me on the triple H therapy. I’ve often wondered if the intense headaches I used to get were from vasospasms, but the ER never did an ultrasound. I’ve met a few medical folks who say they would have done a crainiotomy but I believe my surgeon knows me better than the folks who second guess her work. I even had one tell me it was impossible to vasospasm that long. I told him I didn’t read the book and my body did what it wanted to. Beyond all odds, I’m still here.

In ICU, they had a very nice tech with 30 years experience who came at least twice a day to ultrasound my brain vessels. She often did overtime for me, she also delayed her retirement until I was released from hospital.

The scheduling RN kept me with four RNs so my care was the same. I am so grateful those RNs kept on top of the therapy, they had to check me every 5 minutes and adjust the medicine. I was a lot of work for them. Needless to say, besides the dog and neurosurgeon, the tech and RNs are right at the top for saving my life!

I wish you and your friend the best…


Moltroub Thank you so much I really need too hear about others who survived vasospasms I’m keeping the hope and prayers going up it’s been 12 days today he’s had his 4th procedure yesterday too stop the vasospasms…I’m praying :pray:t5: so hard 4 this too be over God is a merciful God and I believe he will be okay pray for my friend please I’m looking forward to him joining the group and sharing his experience with others Thanks again Julie

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Hi Julie I hope your friend is doing better now.
I had vasospasms after my aneurysm ruptured during a coiling and stent procedure. It got pretty rough for awhile and I was in ICU for 17 days. At one point they were better but like your friend they got worse and then less and less. My Dr did triple H therapy. It’s been 8 mos since then and I thank God I made it…keep the faith :pray:t3:


I had a ruptured aneurysm, and also suffered vasospasms. I was in the Neuro ICU for the entire time, and got ultrasounds on my head at least once a day. The team there mentioned that they keep all ruptured aneurysm cases in the NICU for at least 14 days to monitor for vasospasms. I was in the ICU for about 20 days total, followed by the stroke ward for 2 nights… then home! The vasospasms were scary, especially for my family. They were with me and noticed I started acting weird (stroke symptoms), and I was rushed down to have angioplasty performed. Thankful for a great medical team… Almost 4 years since then and I’m healthier than ever!