Vasospasm and life insurance?

Has anyone tried to get term life insurance without having to sell a kidney to afford it? I have talked to several companies about this. If you have aSAH, and a coil or clip, you can get insurance fairly reasonably. But lord help you if you have Vasospasm. They consider this a stroke. there are only one or two companies that will even sell it.

Roy...I know the other is it affect life insurance premiums?

When did your vasospasm(s) occur...and, at the same place (artery/segment) of your aneurysm? Or in an access artery?

And, did a(ny) vessel not return to normal size?

My interest does not relate to ordering life insurance...I have had mine for half a century... ( med records do not qualify either stroke or vasospasm...and, yet on the form for re-testing for my driver license...the doc noted "over 90 days since stroke"... you just generated so much more interest ...thanks..


Roy...I so hope you will share whatever you learn on this...for other members...we all go thru so much... we have a few stressing thru foreclosures and so many other things...



Hi Roy,

I had no problems getting term life insurance. I suffered from a sah which resulted in getting coils and suffered from vasospasms. I believe my coverage is for 20yrs and is pretty cheap less than a dollar a day but I forgot what the coverage is. Try your car insurance agent.