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Yo so I still go the puss now they went in my kidney from what I remember they huddle up told me how this was going to go down oh I forgot first they gave a muscle relaxer cause i was asking alot of questions apparently they made me sign the consent even i told them i dont think i can sign call my wife they put the pen in my hand and help me move my hand then the doctor comes back all paranoid tells me ubsign the consent right I said yes he says oh I forgot to mention about the 1% very very rare uhm… nvm I’m not going to even talk about it he said it’s not going to happen I wake up from my anesthesia very confused cause my original pain just increase from a 10 to a 10000 anyways of course the wheel chair me out of there again I rest wake up the next day to urine peeing blood my kidney burns I have migraines to a point where I want to call the ambulance but then I get a reminder for what sonu can go back to usc and give another rare case 1) my brain aneurysm was rare 2) my kidneystones procedure was a rare occasion left me with a plastic inside 3) they put me trew an mri and I get a bump and pussing out from the right of my head man 4) I had a slip and fall inside a clinic and because they can put me trew an mri I’m force to minimize my pain with a boot in my left leg uhhh I feel 80% dead this is all on top of my marriage problems lord have mercy on my soul and just take me already why live like this is not worth it at all

Iam so so sorry your going through all these things at one time.I have been in this place we’re the pain so overwhelming.I just want you to try hard to know your not alone.So many of us do get it.Some days are so hard to fight to get through.But I believe it will get better.I will say many prayers for you.It hurts my heart to here all that you’ve have had to faced.Iam going to have to have my second brain surgery this December.So I understand you just get tried.But I will hope it starts to get better.

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Oh my at the moment I’m glad yes I’m not alone and 2nd if I’m not alone why r we not trying to fix these problems I’m in this huge conspiracy somebody stop my life at 20 years old and now they making sure I suffer the worst way possible and well I’m not going to let that happen god knows I’m a fighter and well idk what’s my purpose but I just pray I’m not going crazy now I have about 22 voices personalities living inside of me is threat normal is that due to the brain anerysum or migraines medication or maybe the surgeries it looks like when we died we get answers is that’s the answer death???.. #confused

I’m going to really encourage you to see a therapist that deals with brain trauma. They can help answer your questions.

I did an internet search and there are literally dozens in the LA area. Maybe look for a Neuropsychologist to get you started…

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Finally that’s the person that can diagnose me usually they tell me that’s not their job and refer me somewhere else ugh I can’t take this no more