Its been a bumpy ride for the last few weeks so I just have laid low. It will be a year since my world was sent upside down. I will be having more surgery in the upcoming month. Not sure if they will put more coils in but for sure they will be putting in a stent. Plan on being in the hospital for at least 5 days. Worried about how much I will lose & have to relearn again. Hopefully, the headaches will get better, & the ringing in my ear will stop. Still have alot of pain in the eye & the eye is always watery & blurry.

Hope everyone else is doing okay.


I pray you get relief.God Bless!!!

Aggie, I feel so badly for you. I am sure all will go well. Be kind to yourself and take it easy. God Bless.

Aggie, prayers to you for your recovery...