Hello everyone,


I'm so happy & excited.

She is doing so well!

This is to anyone who feels how desperate, scared and confused as I was a month ago, miracles do happen! I am forever grateful, prayers work and stay positive.

Oh and a big thankyou to everyone who talked to me and helped me through this last month with advice, comfort and prayers, I'm so grateful!

Will keep you all updated! Merry Christmas everyone!

Lots of love, Ellie xxx

Merry Christmas Ellie may you all be blessed, I am so glad your nan is coming home. You and your grandad are very special an your nan will need support from both of you, please keep letting us know how she i getting on as she recovers.

Excellent news! Happy Christmas!


Wonderful Ellie! she is one lucky lady to be going home to much love & support. thanks for the update please keep up the good work~~~~Merry Christmas!

Wow, great news for all!!!! You hung in there and that's great for your nan. Still healing to take place-be patient-and remember to take care of yourself too. Best of Luck. donna w

Wonderful news! My sister is still in the hospital, just "waking up' Now.

Wonderful news Ellie …bet your so happy
Thanks jimmy