Update on my Grandmother

Hello everyone,
Nan is doing well, off of sedation and ventilator. She has a trachy fitted last week so she can’t talk and her hands are swollen so she can’t write down what she wants/needs so is relying on us being able to lipread which is becoming a bit frustrating for her as sometimes we don’t understand what she’s saying. She has been asking for glass of coke which is unusual as she has never really been a coke drinker and I guess this may be part of the personality change I’m just grateful she knows who we all are. So this is 2 weeks 1 day post ruptured annie and she’s overcome all battles so far so good. Thankyou for all your kind messages and prayers when she’s better I’ll show her this. Love to you all Ellie xx

Hello Ellie, I have been wondering how your Nan is doing (and you as well). Why did she get a trach? Hopefully, this is something they will reverse. glad to hear she is progressing. take care. Donna w

Its nice to know people are wondering how Nan is. Makes me feel less alone. They fitted the trachy because before she had a tube through her mouth and down her throat for oxygen as she developed pneumonia, that is the main reason she had to be sedated as it would of been so uncomfortable so they wanted to get her off of sedation that’s why they fitted the trachy as its more comfortable and she still needs a little oxygen to help with her chest which is improving.

Hi Ellie...Thanks for the update on Nan...she has improved so much...~ if she is a bit frustrated, it is a no wonder... Thoughts our to all of you ~ wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

Hi Ellie, Hopefully the pneumonia will resolve soon. she'll be much better when she can talk to you.then she can get up and about-which will be better for her lungs too. The sooner she can get home and spend time with family the quicker she'll improve

Hi Ellie! i too was wondering about nan! i kept missing you on chat! Praying now for great improvement! i had a trach but dont remember it at all but do recall nurses at rehab hospital checking the site wound, take care thanks for the update and let her know i have great expectations for her since i was in the same boat!

Thanks for all your replies. The physiotherapist has been round and nan done really well sitting up. She’s been having a laugh with her nurse today and told us to sort out the christmas decorations etc. She was allowee a couple of sips of coca cola today, no fluid is coming off her chest, her main line in her neck has been. Removed, she has had her oxygen reduced again, she was talking about our holiday in Florida planned for may next year. I can’t believe how well she’s doing xx

Hi Ellie

It's so good to read things are going well for your Gran. You must feel relieved. Most hospitals can get picture board or word board which help communication as the patient can point at the word.... ask the staff. They may need to get in touch with the speech therapists to get one. Otherwise, as I'm sure at your age you will be computer literate. Make her one.... pics of a glass, food, tissue, radio, CD, tea, coffee etc etc. Or a list of words in big print to hold in front of her so she can point. Here is an example, but I am sure you can adapt to your Gran's needs. http://www.bindependent.com/product/snc100/VidaTak-Picture-Communication-Board/

You may also want to ask the staff about speaking tubes though if she is still needing lots of oxygen they may not be suitable at this point. Hopefully she won't need the trachy for many more days. Her voice will probably be croaky for a bit after the tube comes out.

I hope she continues to progress well.

Thoughts and prayers


Thankyou for your ideas Judith! She is having the bare minimum oxygen as they are weaning her off. She’s not really able to lift her arms up too much as there is a little fluid retention which has made them a little swollen. She is doing so well, its so nice to see my Nanny back, to be able to have a laugh & joke with her. I’m so happy xx