Update on meeting

Well, I spoke with my surgeon today. He wants to do another angiogram because he wants to see how much it has actually grown. He said sometimes CT scans don’t show exactly what they need to know.
Yes I do have one artery that comes up instead of two which makes it a little bit of an anomaly. But the biggest question is whether I think I want them to fix it or not. Hasn’t grown too much then there’s this well should I just leave it alone? It’s 3.2 or three right now and I asked them when they usually do something about it and he said usually around four or five.
so, the question is do I just watch it? Or do I go in and have them clip it. Because quelling doesn’t work. I guess I’ll have to do my angiogram first and find out the information before I move forward,
I hate it because so many people don’t understand how serious this is. And that’s frustrating to me.

I didn’t know a thing about cerebral aneurysms until I ruptured! I’ve learned a lot since then😂. A lot of people don’t know a thing about them either, though some may know about the ones in the heart area as they’re not as rare as ours, I think. You’re going to find some who know and many who don’t. You’ll also probably come across folks who had a family member or friend succumb to a rupture and some who’ve survived an incidental find aneurysm and was treated. I even had a neighbor get mad at me because I survived my rupture, her mother was beaten in the ‘60’s during a peaceful Civil Rights demonstration and apparently it ruptured her aneurysm, she didn’t make it.

Angiograms are the best way for a surgeon to tell exactly what’s going on in our brain. I’ve had more luck with them then the MRI/A s I get. From what I’ve learned at least in my area is they use the CTs to check for a rupture than move to the MRI/As then to the angiograms.

So my guess is they don’t want to try a stent? Does he think the newer NeuroForm Atlas stent won’t work? My multi lobed is up at a bifurcation of the LICA artery and the more popular well known stent wouldn’t work in that area. He will probably know more when he goes in and has his look-see. Be patient and remember to breathe!

I have had an angiogram before, that is when he was able to confirm the aneurysm. I find it interesting that every piece of literature I read tells me how rare my aneurysm is and he makes it sound like it’s not that big a deal. He did say that The way that my vein is put together is an anomaly. Normally the artery is almost in two parallel lines and mine is only one. It has somehow merged itself together. He said what makes it risky is that it’s not that big and the only way to be able to fix it would be to clip it. That is why we need to go in and see exactly where it is. It has grown but we need to know how much because CT scans, as you said, our only good for certain things. I’m not worried about the angiogram or what he might find because I know it’s in there.
The biggest thing for me is going to be whether I feel like he needs to go In and take care of it . It started as a 2.5. Periocolossal aneurysm, the type of aneurysm has not changed. However, it is now up to 3.5. I guess I can keep waiting and watching but I’m not very happy that it’s bounced up,

I had my stent put in because the neck of my aneurysm had grown almost to the size of the aneurysm itself. Had the MRI/A in November 2020, no look, see angiogram needed and stent with more coils the next month. Pretty fast considering hospitals were almost in lock down mode due to the pandemic. My neurosurgeon decided to do it based on one question, “Are you still gardening?” I really wasn’t doing much in November but I was trying to prep a new area.:joy:

Watch and wait has its own issues doesn’t it? Try to focus on something you love to do for a few hours each day, it helps!