Update on me and my future brother in law

Hey everyone! I hope all is well on the board and hope that everyone is giving their all to make the world aware of this horrific tragedy that can occur without warning. I am finally after almost a year got the RFL again. My wife got Anthem at work and they refused to pay for it because it was an experimental treatment. I know how much of a struggle it can be so we decided to pay for the shot (1k) while we were in the appeals process with Anthem. The pain clinic ut me on methadone and it was horrible because there are sooooo many side effects and I think I had them all :P I am now FINALLY off of them but they did help somewhat. My sister's boyfriend has finally came out of the slump and is working full time at his job again :) I told him how proud I was of him and let him know that he was lucky that my sister was around when it happened! Anyways, I will sign off and wish everyone the best!

Thank you for the update, Alex. Glad to hear that he is back to work.

~ Carol

Ah Alex it is good to see a post from you...no matter if life hands you lemons, you always seem to make lemonade...wishing you and your family the best too...~ Hugs ~ Colleen

I am looking at this again and see that I have an issue with spelling and grammar :P My speech is much better :)

I had more trouble in the beginning of recovery with spelling than I do now. I can remember I would spell things by sound. So if something had the sound of cks in it I would just put an x. I found that I always read what I was typing over before sending and would hope I would catch all the spelling errors. I also seem to spell the words that are the same but mean something different, like right instead of write. I hope that it gets better with time for you. :)

Take Care

~ Carol