Update and THANKS!

Hello friends,

Just an update and an opportunity to say Thank YOU to those who responded to my posts. On Dec 16, I had 11 hour crraniotomy to clip an unruptured aneurysm in the ICA behind my left eye. I was set on keeping my vacation to Jamaica to celebrate 10 years with my bf, 7 years in business together. We just got home from the trip and all is well. I get really tired still in the afternoon- esp now that we are back. I have very limited vision in my left eye since the complicated surgery. I get swelling and pain in the left side of my head. However, I have a new appreciation for life. Next month, I will turn 44. I have an amazing 14 yr old daughter, 2 rescue dogs, a yoga center to run, many lovely students, a great bf, and the opportunity to live and give to others. Thank you for your support and may we all remember th folks who did not have the chance to live and be here to support us all.



Well done you glad you are recovering well. The swelling and that I had for about 3months just drink plenty of water and rest when needed. Jess.xxx

Nicole ... your post is inspiring...Counting our blessings is one of the best ways we can heal along this journey...

You continue resting and healing...be well...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

Nicole- I am so happy you were able to go and hope you had a fantastic time!!! I agree with Colleen- your post IS inspiring.....Do you think your years of yoga has hepled how you are handling this??? Just wondering- D

Hi Dana,

I have no doubt that yoga helped me physically and more importantly emotionally handle this. I am so grateful. Hope you are well...N

Nicole, great to hear your upbeat tone. I hope that you brought back great memories of Jamaica! I too had the clipping behind the left eye -- suffered some permanent vision loss but am getting used to it. I also have a "heavy feeling" over the eye --especially at night. Doc said it might have something to do with gravity but it's definitely a result of the clipping --- But I did have dinner with my family tonight, the sun shined today -- and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Again, glad to hear all seems to be working out well for you.

Hi Nicole,

What a great story! Thanks for the update.

All the best.


Hi Nicole. Just picked up on your story. I’m sort of a new member here, so I missed your post back then. Very thankful you made it through the surgery, are coping well with your residual deficits and have such a positive attitude. I used to do power yoga several times a week for a number of years. I was so strong, and admittedly had a healthier feeling. I let a bout of depression and post traumatic stress keep me away until I was out of the habit. I have no doubt that the strength I had gotten from the yoga helped save my life when the rupture came. Don’t let go of the spirit of that post. It will serve you well as the future unfolds. Your vision may well improve even more…It hasn’t been that long yet and it takes a while for the wires to fully reconnect…especially after the extended trauma of your surgery. Hang in there…Either way, sounds like you were and are truly blessed.

Nicole; your follow-up here is wonderfully inspring to so many. So gald you were able to get your trip.

Hugs and prayers that you continue to heal well.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. Whenever I start to feel down or frustrated or angry or sad- I remind myself how lucky I am to be alive. How this experience has changed me. I am then able to look at the pain and hardship as an answer to my prayer to become more loving and compassionate. In order to be compassionate, one must experience suffering. Thank you all for your compassion and loving support.