Upcoming MRA

My 6 month MRA is next week. I am extremely claustrophobic and very anxious about the test. I have been prescribed two - 1 mg. Xanax capsules. One to be taken one hour before the procedure and one to be taken just before the procedure. Has anyone with claustrophobia taken meds before their MRA and did it help? I have never taken Xanax before. My daughter, who is a nurse, said it should really relax me so I will be okay.


I am extremely claustrophobic and had to be prescribed Xanax exactly the way you described and it helped. It is still nerve racking but takes the edge off. Good luck.

I am also extremely claustrophobic and had myself quite worked about the MRA for that reason only. I was prescribed Ativan, first time was told to take 2 mg well that knocked me out cold. The second MRA I only took 1 mg which was much better. I sailed right through,, without it I would never even have gotten on the table as the anxiety would have been too great. You should be fine with the Xanax.

All the best,


Thanks, that helps.

Yes, I have the same issue and the Xanax really helped. You will be fine, I promise!!

Exactly the same problem with me … and before Angio, MRA and PED surgery, I was told to take Xanax and I think just half the dose was enough to calm my anxiety. It worked great! Good luck!

Thanks to all for the comfort. It really helped.

I am also clausterphobic and I was given Valium. It also helped me to have an opensided machine and I did not open my eyes the whole time!!!

I haven't had an MRA, but I have taken Xanax, and it should work very well for you. I HIGHLY recommend you have someone to drive, though, as they can slow down your reflexes. Take some deep breaths, and remember it'll be ok. Failing that, look for a place with an Open MRI option. Hang in there, you'll make it!

Just wanted everyone to know the MRA went great. The Xanax worked wonders. My results were excellent. No compression, shifting or movement of the coils. All is as it should be. Prayers have been answered. Thanks to all for the support.