Unsteadiness before and after surgery

The way my aneurysm was discovered was by and MRI to rule out MS. I have had unsteadiness since July. It was worse then than it is now. Two neurologist have told me migraines are causing this. They do not think the aneurysm is causing this. I see a neurosurgeon next week. Did anyone else have this symptom and did it get better with treatment of the aneurysm? Or was it truly something else causing the symptoms?

Hi Regina, my aneurysm was found out exactly the same way. I was having an MRI to exclude various symptoms such as blurred vision, muscle weakening, difficulty swallowing, unsteadiness, patches of pins and needles in certain areas down one side of my body and urinary retention that were some of the symptoms of MS. The results showed that there were some lesions on my brain and also evidence of nerve demyelination, but not a definitive diagnosis of MS- I would have to have a follow up MRI in 12 months to see if there is any further changes. The aneurysm that they found however is to be operated on next week (13th December) with a clip to be inserted as the size of 7mm, elongated shape and rough, irregular border surface all were indicative of an increased risk of rupture and I am still relatively young (42). Apparently some of the symptoms of MS and of an unruptured anni can be similar, depending on the size and location of the anni and which areas of the brain it may be exerting pressure on. My anni is actually on the opthalmic nerve, which could explain the blurred vision and unsteadiness, but probably not the other symptoms, so I will still need to follow up on the MS possibility post surgery for the anni. From what I understand though, it is common for MS symptoms to come in clusters and then subside for several weeks or more at a time before resurfacing again, and this seems to be the pattern the disease follows. For peace of mind, I would be wanting to follow up and know for sure whether it is MS or not, others may not want to think about it at this point and only take action if things get worse. Your doctors may be right as far as the migraines go, but I would also check out postings by others who have had similar stories. Try "Did anyone find their annie then get tested for MS?" posted by shari1232 on 29th November and follow the replies and links to see if anyone has further updates. I will be continuing posting after my surgery next week (if I make it through ok) and can keep you informed of my progress and if any of my symptoms do disappear post-op. It will actually be quite interesting to see if there are any changes. Good luck to you, let me know how you go with the neurosurgeon, KK.

Thank you Kitty for responding to my question. I have not had blurred vision but have had weakness in both arms and legs too. The sick unsteady feeling has been my main complaint which is actually better at the moment. I have been extremely tired but seem to be doing better at the moment with that too. I have pain it seems at the top of my left eye. It hurts to look up sometimes. I don't know alot about my aneurysm yet. I just know it is between 6 and 7 mm. I have not seen the report. The aneursym is located in the internal carotid artery near the ophalmic artery at the chiasm of the optic nerve. Two neurologist have told me it should not be causing symptoms. I don't know if they will consider me relatively young . I turn 47 Dec. 17. I have 3 children I would love to still take care of, ages 14, 10, and 8. I did have some small lesions on the brain but were not in characteristic pattern of MS. I wil be praying for you. Hope to hear of your success. Regina

Hi Regina...I have balance issues, but since I have been coiled, not before...infact, I am having some balance tests and hearing test this upcoming week...MS has been mentioned by my Neurologist, however, he truly believes my problems stems from the area of my brain aneurysm and the coils ... keep us posted on what your neurologist suggests ~ Colleen