Unruptured aneurysm

A few months ago, I was incidentally diagnosed with a 2 mm left anterior aneurysm.
I had a consult with a neurosurgeon, and she wants to look at it again in August, to check if it’s grown.
I have had a terrible head cold the past 4 days, and have been coughing my head off! I have had an on and off again headache for the past couple of days… Should I be concerned? It has let up today, and I am starting to feel better.
I have already had my share of radiation, at 41yrs old, and I have , 2 young children to care for, so naturally, I tend to feel a bit paranoid having this in my head!
My mother had a huge one clipped in her 50’s, it was a complex surgery, and she is lucky to be alive.
But seeing her struggles after the surgery, almost make me as nervous as having an unruptured one inside my head. It was a wide neck, is not on a branch, and would have to be clipped.
Just looking for information, and a little reassurance! Is it dangerous to have all of this coughing, with this little aneurysm?
I will say that reading all the stories on here, from all you strong and amazing people has definitely had a calming effect on my psyche!
Kind regards,

I actually asked my surgeon this question about coughing. He said rupture with coughing was not an issue. I am lucky, I will have my aneurysm coiled June 9th, 2015. No crani for me. I hope this helps.