Unruptured Aneurysm

I had PED surgery two years ago. My aneurysm was completely blitzed. I have bubbling on two separate arteries, my Neuro radiologist says they could potentially develop into aneurysms. I have had several MRI, cerebral angiogram and CT scans in the past, but I was told there is no routine annual MRI scan this year or no mention of a scan in the future. I am terrified at the prospect of no scan as its the only peace of mind I have. Surely I should be given an MRI scan every 3 to 5 years as a precaution ?

Any advice ?

Hi Mary and welcome to the PED group.
I had my PEDs placed in June, 2011 and had a 6 month MRI then also at 6 months I had an angio. 6 months later another MRI and every year thereafter on my anniversary an MRI to check on the PED and also to monitor a small annie that I have. That being said, I do live in the states and the PED was approved for use here one month prior to when my PEDs were placed, around the end of May, 2011. From what I remember of past posts that is pretty routine in the states, but others may respond with different answers.
I’m not sure of the protocol outside the US, so I’m hoping that someone in Ireland will see the post and respond, although I’m not sure if we have another member of the group from Ireland.
You may want to inquire of your doctor what protocol they use to monitor the PED. I do hope you find the answer your are looking for.
Best wishes,

P.S. you may want to also post this on the front wall of the group where more members will see and respond.