Unruptured Aneurysm, and driving

This is my first post, so hello

I have recently (May 2017) had treatment for an unruptured Aneurysm with a flow diverting Stent.

What started off as a minor headache, coupled with Nausea, and visual disturbances, ended up quite an eventful time.
3 attempts at the Doctor, finally going to an out patient appointment for different health issues, and my consultant rightly suggesting an MRI.

I ended up having 3 Angiograms, due to complications before, and after surgery.
I currently have 3rd nerve Palsy, which came about 3 or 4 days after the Stent went in. so my right is closed (slightly lifting now)

The good news so far is my latest MRI is showing good, and Aneurysm largely occluded.

Now I have been driving ok, even with one Eye closed, it took me a good few months to try, but it is not as bad as you would think, apart from depth perception.

On my recent visit to the Consultant, we discussed the Partial seizures I have been having, as that has been the most difficult part of this whole journey. Now I say Partial Seizures because I have not had any diagnosis as been waiting for an app with a specialist for months, so can only go on what I have looked up.

A lot of these symptoms have decreased since surgery, which is good, but I still get the odd symptoms as below:

De Ja vu, followed by strange sensation in the chest ( different levels of intensity) but generally over in a few seconds. I am fully aware, and generally carry on what I’m doing

The Consultant looked something upon an Epilepsy website I think, then advised I should not drive, until at least I see the specialist in a few weeks.
I accepted that, even though gutted.

My question is regarding seeing the Neuro specialist and mentioning driving, as can drive no problem, and don’t suffer any physical issues.

I am not the sort of person that is going to say I’m fine, and will accept his/hers advice,but wanted some views on anyone in my position, currently driving with Partial seizures.