Two weeks out from clipping

It’s a short two weeks out until I have my clipping. It’s so hard to keep off my mind, but on vacation through the end of the week in St. George Island Fl. Went on a charter yesterday and had a wonderful time with my Mary and caught 30 pounds of fish. I am good while I am busy but my mind races with fear when I have time to myself to think about the procedure which will take place on November 4th. Having a hard time sleeping and keep waking up Mary who has been a great support. I don’t want to scare her with my fears so I keep them hiden. Doctor is confident pre-op went well just can’t seem to relax as it gets closer. Just try to keep thinking I will be in recovery in two weeks and it will be behind me.

Best wishes for your upcoming procedure, Troy. I hope all goes smoothly, and that in a few weeks you are back telling us what a success it was. You must be quite a fisherman!

Hi Troy, I know how you feel. I am having my clipping done on Tuesday. The nerves are difficult. I’m trying to be optimistic and looking forward to recovery and healing(mentally and physically).

Best wishes on your upcoming procedure. Just think in a few weeks you will be telling us how well you are doing . Take care . Thoughts and prayers

Best wishes to you! Hope all goes as planned and you have a quick recovery! I am scheduled to have mine done 11/17 so I know exactly how you feel! It is very unsettling ! Prayers for you!


Wishing you peace of mind and heart, while you wait for your surgery. It was a terrifying time for many of us that have been there. I had a long and complicated surgery three years ago. I am recovered and living life fully. It is that unknown that gets the mind working over-time. Try hard to think about the future and not having to worry about this at all, because you will be too worried about how many more fish you will catch in that next wonderful vacation! :)

In no time you will have this behind you and you will become part of this forum, not as someone going into surgery, but someone that has fully recovered and can support those that face, what you are facing today.

I wish you and Mary brightest blessings!


Hi Troy, I know exactly how you are feeling. I had a clipping done 4 weeks ago today. The nerves almost got the best of me but thru prayer, support from this site and belief in my doctor it's over and I am on my way with recovery. You are doing the right thing, I am living proof. My aneurysm ruptured on the operating table. I thank God every day I was led to making the decision to have it taken care of now rather than waiting. It could have been a whole different story. I will pray for you during these next few weeks that God will guide the hands of your doctor. Hope to hear from you in a few weeks.

Hi Troy,

Bet that made quite the fish fry! Many of the restaurants in FL will prepare fish for you!

It seems to me that fear is a natural response to such an upcoming surgery, but you are on the right path thinking that you will be in recovery in 2 weeks.

A friend of mine who is an ex US Marine and I were talking about the training he went through, especially the wall they have to be able to get over, and he told me that "you never think of 'the wall', you only think of being on the other side of the wall"!

You are very fortunate to have your Mary beside you through all of this, I'm sure she is your biggest fan, and will be there for you through this, so just imagine Mary on the other side of this procedure.

Sending my very best wishes to you and yours,


Hi Troy I had the clipping done a year ago. I was also nervous just thinking about the surgery. I had to go by myself that day because we had our grandson at the time. The surgery went well. I still have some numbness around the site but other than that everything is fine. I go every year for an angiogram. You will be fine and let us know how you do. Sending prayers

Hi Troy: Focus on the positive and your future, and you will be ok. Sending wishes your way for a speedy recovery and an end to the anxiety and fear leading up to the procedure. I just had my one year follow-up. All good, and feeling so blessed that it was caught in time. May that good feeling come back to you very very soon.

Wishing you calm and comfort as you wait for the procedure. Prayers for you, your family, and medical staff working with you. Please keep us informed as you complete the procedure.

Hi Troy. Good luck with your clipping. I bet it will go fine. Sounds like you are trying very hard to find activities that you enjoy and stop the worry-worry from beating up your brain and body. I think that is a very good plan and it will greatly aid your recovery. It might even be a good idea not to keep those worries to yourself. I just read about a really cool study that indicated that community creates epigenetic changes that boost recovery and health. That doesn't mean that you need to unload it all, all the time, on Mary. That is what this community is for! Plus we have various experiences to share. I got an email about Troy getting a clipping surgery and wondered if I had written something wrong about my history. As you'll probably notice I go by Troy, at least on here. So I had a clipping 3 1/2 years ago, but that was after a rupture. I have recovered really well, in spite of the rupture. Through the approximately 36 hours between symptom onset and surgery, I for some reason failed to be scared or to worry. I'm pretty sure that helped me get through it and recover nicely. And getting clipped without having all that blood running loose and killing neurons is a very big plus! What artery? Mine was posterior communicating artery.

Wishing you a very quick recovery…I had a clipping done for mine just 2 years ago but it had ruptured. I am can do everything I used to and with an 8 and 10 year old I am blessed. It’s hard to share your feelings but it will help in all aspects of your recovery. Listen to your body and rest when it tells you too. Looking forward to hear from you during your fast recovery.

Hi Troy,

I totally get what you're saying. I have a final consult this Monday the 27th and will schedule the surgery then unless I have a nervous breakdown before that!! It shouldn't be too long though, she said she could do it as soon as the next week.

Good luck, that's about all anyone can say to us. They have no idea what we are going through, not able to walk a mile in our shoes so to speak. Like you it's on my mind most of the time. It's always something different, a different detail, recovery issue, physical or emotional issue but always something.

I truly think there is nothing to "do" or "say" that will help you or me or anyone, I THINK, just my opinion that I just thought of now, that will make it better for us to handle. Unfortunately, no matter how scared or angry or whatever feeling we have, the bottom line is we have to have surgery. We have to get it behind us. The unknown is the worst. The tricks your mind can play are awful. So although we may even have a pity party and why me's and what did I ever do to deserve this???, we still have no choice if we truly want peace and a cure.

So, just try to get through one day at a time, or less if you have to, try to keep busy, maybe share some of your feelings with your wife, she is probably scared and can't talk about it for fear she'll upset you. It's obvious you both care enough about each other to not want to worry the other one. In this case though, I hope you can find a way and the strength and courage to open up. It'll bring you closer and you can feel better when you both have talked about the recovery period and how you will handle that. Sorry, enough advise.

Take care,


Troy, the way you are feeling is the most natural thing in the world, but I can say that 25 years after the clipping I have never been better and boy am I thankful I had that surgery! Just take good care of yourself, rest a lot, drink lots of water (and green tea!) for hydration and let Mary spoil you! Try to focus on a nice fishing trip in the future when you are feeling better after your surgery and imagine how great you will feel - that idea will become a reality! I can now enjoy every aspect of my life with no more worries, the aneurysm that ruptured in 1989 is long gone! Life begins again after the surgery, its wonderful! Good luck, we'll all be thinking of you. Joy

Wishing u all the luck in the world x

Hi Troy…I wish you the best of luck and God’s blessing during and after your clipping. I truly understand your anxiety. Please know well wishes and prayers are going up!


The best part is your aneurysm was discovered before it could rupture (as was true in my case). What I have found after the fact, is that Ativan is good for relaxing one. Your GP can prescribe this. Just be aware that a lot of people will be rooting for you. All the best, Troy.

David Andrus

Troy be thankful they found your aneurysm before it ruptured. My husband didn’t know he had one and last June 2013 I found him on the bathroom floor in the with the most painful headache of his life. He is 65. Luckily I was home and had great response time from 911 .his ruptured aneurysm was huge. He was fortunate to have one of the best neurosurgeons around our was 5 hour surgery and 8 clips. It was devastating for our whole family but it will be as year and half next month and after all the doctors and rehab he is doing wonderful . Will he ever be Exactly the same ?not entirely but he’s close enough for us. After all this thank God they found it and everytime u get nervous think about this text and how blessed you are .you and your family will be in my have a lot of life ahead of you.

Keeping you,your family and the medical team the best.