It has been a month since my daughter has been out of the hospital. She has devloped a twitch in her left hand, not a slight twitch it is quite noticable. Has anyone experenice this?

HI Darlene...Welcome to BAF...

I didn't have twitches, but I did have a droopy right eye and sometimes it would just close on me...something I saw mentioned on your page...Your Daughter is early in the Healing will take time for things to improve and/or to see the lasting effects...she needs lots of rest...and if there is something you don't feel is right, ie., twitches ... ask the Doctor?

My Prayers go out to your daughter and you...Colleen

We go to the Nero doc on Thursday. I will Ask him again he has said it is normal. She is hoping on getting a return to work slip.

Darlene, to some degree... initially I had tingling/falling asleep in my left arm/hand and still do. I learned to move / exercise my hand to prevent it falling asleep. I would not call it twitching. However , I had the twitching (pulsation?) in my piriformis muscle (buttocks) and left thigh. over time, my thigh settled down; but not the other; most noticeable to me when I lie down; and, it also varies.

Definitely call the doctor, and ask advice; particularly if it is just noticeable.



I have severe twitching/jerking in my right leg when I lay down. My neurosurgon didn't seem concerened.

She is going to have a EEG on wed. He is checking for seizures. He put her on seizure meds not really sure if they are working. The twitchesnhave traveled to her arm and face. I am hoping all is fine and this to will pass

Hi Darlene...good they are doing an EEG...will keep your daughter in my prayers...please post what is causing the twitches when you know...hope it isn't too serious...

Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way...Colleen