Trying to deside what to do- I have desided

Thanks for the prayers. I have desided to have the surgery. Dr. has referred me to Cleveland Clinic. I haven't heard from them yet. Giving them 2 weeks to call and if I don't hear from them I will call them. I will keep you posted.



It's your life and you should not let anything fall though the cracks so call Cleveland Clinic Neurosurgery Department ASAP. Don't worry what anyone there thinks, by being assertive you may get a quicker response. wish and many prayers...Do call the need to wait...the phone lines work great in both directions...


Hi Deanna...I have been told that "Cleveland Clinic" is a wonderful hospital...once you make your keep it positive and keep it is ok to be nervous...just know you have my Thoughts and prayers...!

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen


Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers. I know I should call but I have my reasons for waiting. I am a mother of two teen girls. I home school them and there are things I feel I need take care of that I'm afraid I wont be able to do after surgery. And I am also in the process of finding a place to live. Would like to be settled in new place before surgery. Does anyone know how long all this takes? Once I get the appointment to surgery time?