Tough Times

good morning everyone. Today is another blessing to have woken up. I have been having some tough times lately, and just needed to share my feelings. With this recession it is already a depressive state but I have been looking for a full-time job since October of 2008 when the recession hit and I was laid off from a law firm. It has been going on 2 and half years that I have been in and out of temp. assignments here and there. I am used to having something stable and working more than one job. Now I can't even get one job, let alone have two. This has fueled my depression now and since my craniotomy in 2004. I do have post-traumatic stress disorder and that doesn't help things when you are under financial stress and trying to make a living for your family. I ask that you please all keep me in prayer as I pray daily for strength, trying to stay encouraged and try to stay positive. Its very stressful to not be able to be independent and make your own money in a career that you have passion for, which is law for me. Yesterday is the past, today is the present, which is our gift, and we can only take one day at a time. Oh also, I am participating in the Wilson Walk in Wilmington, Delaware tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I have been raising as much funds as I can for the BAF and excited to meet other families and survivors. We all have a testimony which shows what we have gotten through, in addition to what we are living now. Hope everyone has a good day and nice weekend. Stay encouraged, as i am trying to do myself. Take care.


Hi Charla…first thanks for doing the walk…you my dear are walking for all of us…and what an amazing thing…next, you have my prayers…it is a wonder when the economy will ever pick up…lastly…have a beautiful day…and may God give you strength…and in the near future and job that is a good fit for you…Cyber~ Thoughts and prayers going out to you…Hugs Colleen

thanks so much colleen. my spirit is just a bit low today. thanks again for the words of encouragement.

Hi Charla,

What a wonderful thing you are doing for BAF! Good luck & have fun!!! Just know that you are in my thoughts & prayers! I can relate! Keep your chin up, you my dear have come a long way & have a long way to only better things coming your way!!! I for one am rooting for you!!! May you have a wonderful day & weekend!!! Terry

Thank you soo much Terry. I feel your words and I so appreciate them!!

Will say a prayer that your circumstances and your emotions have a turn around. It is good to hear from you and see your cheerful smile, it has been awhile. Since you have worked for a law firm can you go through the like a state agency and work through them (like the DHHR/or for an advocate?), or for yourself (?) Just some suggestions-take care and will keep you in our thoughts:)