Touchy and Painful

Ok, I finally met the pyc dr. Wasn't at all what I expected. As a matter of fact, I went in feeling great. I left feeling alone, isolated, crazy, mis-understood, hopeless.....lifeless. Maybe the next session? No tears this time, too tired to cry anyway. So, I prayed. I didn't know what to ask for. I asked that he search my heart and mind (what's left of it) and do his will.

Hi Mary,
I’m so sorry that you had such a poor experience with your pyschiatrist but please don’t feel alone or give up. I would be inclinded to find another person to work with, though.

We are here to support you and to help you get through.

While I’m not a theologian, I think your prayer that God’s will be done is always appropriate. I’ve been told that asking for specifics is a good idea, too. So, in addition to giving thanks and praise and my petitions for others, I pray that God will keep me safe and free from harm and danger. I recommend to you 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Take care and may God’s peace be with you.


Find a different one. You guys didn't mesh. It is normal and typical to find a psych that fits your needs on the 2nd or 3rd try.

Hang in there. (hugs)

Again, thank you Carole

Thats why I came here. I looked and looked for someone to talk too. I tried family, church family, friends, spouse and even dr's. I even sought out an old friend for over 40 years. No one, not one soul was available. I figured it was me time and that God wanted me all to himself for a little while. He led me here and for that I am grateful. I have had the pleasure of meeting very positive, spirit filled, God fearing and loving people that can relate to my situation. I will read 1 Thess 5:16-18, thank you for sharing.

God bless and keep you

What He has done for others, He will do for you!

Mary T

Hi Mary...I think I understand...I have had this feeling with many Doctors...they are sorta frustrated with me, because I am textbook...and often I leave my appointments feeling this way...after a few days I usually feel as you...pray...and usually a good cry...sometimes I just am not meshing with that particular Doctor and need to find another...."one step at a time"...Gotcha in my Prayers and a Big hug your way ... Colleen

Is this particular pyc your only choice? My experience has been that it takes a few tries to find one that has the proper understanding and can suggest helpful tools. Don't beat yourself up about your reaction when it probably isn't you, it is probably the wrong shrink for your needs.

pray for sterngth to get through this.

Psychiatrists perform diagnoses as do Psychologists who use tests. They formulate what category(ies) your mental state fits into. There is an actual book of classifications (can't remember the title) they seem rather aloof, asking questions, not answearing your questions except with another question. Getting to know the way you think, how you process information. Both these doctors can prescribe medication. Most insurances won't continue to pay for long term treatment. I have found counselors who specialize in different fields to be more beneficial. They want to help you find solutions, set goals, and will see you more frequently during the "bad" times.

The only good thing a psychiatrist is good for it initial diagnosis and then sometimes they get that wrong. Psychological testing can be helpful if you answer and perform them honestly. The tests can be easily manipulated by the taker or influenced by the mood your in when taking them. Typically the first thing asked to do is draw yourself. This pencil drawing can show so much about a persons inner mental state it is so surprising. It is not based on artistic ability.

Remember God gives us the valleys for a reason, so we can really appreciate the mountain tops


I'd rather talk to you guys : )

I just have to wait and see.

thank you and hugs.

Yes I agree Colleen. And I am starting to feel better. He seemed cold and un interested. But once is not enough. I will continue to see him until I hit the wall, I just hope it doesnt come to that. I know, I have to give it time.

thank you

time will tell Lleni, I'm betting on me : )

Prayer changes things and I am praying. I know just need to take my time. This is making me anxious though.

Thank you Linda for telling me the differences between the two. I took a moment and drew a pic of myself. LOL, boy or boy it is funny looking : ). My doctor suggested that I seek help. I didn't care which one my doctor would have told me to see because I desperately want it to end. She insisted that it be a psychiatrist. I was initially talking with a LISW who thought that it was not anxiety, well, nothing out of the norm anyway. So here I am. I guess I thought if my doctor thinks I have anxiety that the pychiatrist would be even more qualified to identify it quickly. He didnt say either way. That's where the frustration came from. He never said if the things I was experiencing were seizure or anxiety related, at least not directly. He hinted and trauma, but not aneurysm related. My child hood had nothing to do with my annie. I also disagreed with some of his analysis regarding my episodes when driving. But, I'm not the trained psych, and I do respect their education and training. so I guess I should just stand still and wait. Time will tell.

I've taken his first advise in regards to recording when things happen. He said it would lesson or perhaps even get rid of them.......thats a big "NOT". I will meet with both neuro and pysch at the end of the month after I have had another EEG.