had a good drs visit!!, bp dropped 10 pts, got referral to chiro to unfreeze shoulder! feeling hopeful ultrasound message works! a lady told me its the only thing that worked for her, tc xoxo ps i told him about y'all- he was very happy to hear it! also i can have a vino but ask nuero first-lol

lol edwardo!! that would be funny walk into the chiros with some cabernet!!

Edwardo said:

Thats Great Ron ! home run on all three , Hard to beat Vino and a good massage !

Ron.,..so pleased for you...will you be getting regular chiro...or the activator (light touch) chiro? Or some combination?

I did not know ultrasound massage...just learned something...I have had various massage, including the craniosacral...and, never heard of utlrasound massage...mine has all been the finger-tip/natural... I do the acupuncture, too...

Will be glad to hear your results...for you ..your comfort in healing...and, be careful pouring that vino...

Woohoo! All those successes :)

After 6 years, they seem to finally be doing something for your shoulder!! I hope the chiro works. Just make sure they are not the "6 month" program - there are some out there that want you to sign "contracts". Run, I mean run from those.

Good news one your BP!! Yay!! Vino is good for the soul! Not sure about PA, but if traveling with Cabernet, use a Contigo cup!