Too much thinking

A good friend of mine, who always has the best advice, told me that I am perseverating on getting this procedure done in June, and I just needed to think about something else. I do think of other things throughout the day, but then, when I began to realize that I’m getting closer to that time That I talk about it and think about it more. My friend says that I am catastrophizing. Maybe But is daunting to think of someone using your brain as a stress ball and squeezing.
Oh. Well


Your friend sounds like a therapist, have you discussed this with yours? I truly only give my aneurysm about 10-15 minutes a day to acknowledge and no more. I acknowledge it because, well occluded or not, I still have it with all its coils and other apparatus which puts some limits on how I live my life. Just some, as I prefer to live my life the way I want. It gives me much more control over it than if I spent all day dwelling on the question of if it is really occluded or not. Besides that, I have a shop to organize and lay out, boxes to unpack and stuff to do which I refer to as stds😂

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The anxiety is real and normal.
Talking to a therapist or friend is good. I’ve also found that Writing down your thoughts and then putting it away helps to keep it under control. Put on your favorite movie or music, make dates with friends and family, keep busy! Try to live your life moments because none of us are promised tomorrow. Good luck to you.

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