To do or not do it?

I am truly confused, scared and don’t know if i’m coming or going. My un-wanted visitor in my brain…the left posterior sitting between two of my communicating blood vessels is 3.5mm. I do not know how long it has been there one month or thirty years. It is all about the “UNKNOWN.” I don’t do well with that. I read all the stats on whether or not to fix it now, or leave it ALONE. They have to clip it, it can’t be coiled. I read side affects of some crainiotomies and it scares me. My Surgeon is the best here, so they ALL say, but that still doesn’t comfort me. I just don’t know what to do. I know it’s a personal choice. I have no symptoms. My family fear it could grow in time and then it would be more difficult to deal with. I’m a young healthy 61 year old, except for the dreaded hypertension, which I blame help bring this on. My blood pressure has been under control. It is also congential the doc said. I know of no one in my family who has had this…HELP…any ideas, links…etc

Hi Sage…i am 63 and had a 10mm aneurysm coiled 14 weeks ago…i found out last october so i know the fear and worry you are going through…no one can tell you what to do…all i knew was i couldnt live with this bomb in my head…so i had no problem saying yes to surgery…even though i was scared silly where are you from as my consultant said under 7mm they try not to do…just keep an eye on it…I have spoken to quite a few people on different forums who have had clipping done and they are fine…i hope you can find some comfort from others soon…take care Saffy xx

Hi, I know it is hard if you leave it the chance of you not living through the rupture are high, look around you what are you living for family friends even your pets life is wonderful, I am facing surgery as well but my % of surviving it is not in my favor, I am having the operation for my husband and my beautiful children I have to much to live for. I would rather prevent something happening then let it happen, I have read a lot about clipping you need to read the good stuff about clipping working and living a long normal life. Talk to your doctor, ask questions that is what I have done I trust my GP he was the one that helped me make the decision, think positive you are a very strong person and can win any battle that faces you.

I am sure it is a very difficult decision. Have you read the section on our website about treatment options?
There’s a great section on Commonly asked questions for patients-
Hope this helps.

I had a 4mm aneurysm clipped 9/18/09 and do not regret it at all. I am doing great and it’s nice not to have that worry hanging over you. I did it for my family. The chances of surviving a rupture are not good enough.

Ginny gave you some great links there. and it is so very personal and only you can make the decision to clip or to not clip. I myself was so very fortunate to have had my aneurysm found prior to rupture and have the chance to have clipping done. For me there was no decison as for me mine was large and i had had at that time my first mini stroke, so not doing was just not on my radar. I am married and have to wonderful children, my mother lives close by, and so many wonderful friends. For me the little i did know is that i wanted to do the surgery rather than coiling, i did not want to be at the hospital all the time, so it was kind of like a one shot deal…so i thought, ( i have other health issues that really are equally as bad for me, strokes, seizures)
The biggest help for me and this is only for me and my family, was my husband did not want me on the computer to google / investigate and i said ok, and for me also while waiting i had some help with some meds for anxiety and everyday i went out and saw some friends and just got/ gave a lot of loving from/to all. I had to wait two weeks to get blood thinners out of my system. Then i went and got myself ready for surgery and i always say i felt like i was circling the air port, and on Aug. 20th 2008 i was so ready to land. I was so confident with all my medical team…all of them, and i went with all my friends and love ones praying me through…clipping, aka brain surgery is doable… it is great to be on this side of it. I hope you find comfort in your decision. Find comfort and such a blessing to have wonderful doctors there for you…we and all your love ones can pray you through…

blessings and giggles.

I went through clipping a little over 6 months ago and found this site a couple of months later. They had to go in and clip it (coiling wasn’t an option). I experienced a “warning leak” not a rupture, and it took the Drs a month to figure out that it was an aneurysm. Once they figured it out, I only had about 3 days to think about all of it (of the options the neurosurgeons gave, clipping was the rosiest). I can’t imagine how hard it must be to know and to have to wait/try to decide. I wish there was a way to ease the anxiety or make the decision easier for you. Keeping you and all the others in your position in my thoughts and prayers.

I was just thinking about you while reading the forum and was wondering what day is your surgery and how are you doing…are you yourself all ready ?? Keep the faith. and keep in touch