To clip or not to clip?

My aneurysm burst on April 13, 1974, I was 17 years old. We (my then girlfriend now darling wife of 38 years!) were told that the reason that the aneurysm was not clipped was because, the aneurysm had “bled-out”! Has anyone else had this happen to them? LHR

LHD, I know that several people on here have had their aneurysms clipped after a rupture. It is possible that in 1974 they weren't sure that that was the right thing to do when there was a bleed involved. Have you been back for any follow-up images? If not, I would schedule an MRA or a CTA to check on your aneurysm just to make sure that everything is doing good in there.

Take Care,

~ Carol

I think Carol gave you some good advice and it is most likely time to have an MRA and/or a CTA...keep us posted ~ Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen


in 1974 I'm sure things were very different when it came down to how an aneurysm would ( or wouldn't be) in this day and age, I don't believe 'bleeding out' is considered the optimal way to go when it comes to a treatment plan ..Do you know which artery it was and can you get your medical records from 'back in the day' ? (If for no other reason just the sheer curiousity of it) ..But I totally agree with Carol and Colleen, you'd do well to get yourself lined up for a scan in order to see what's cook'n up there....