To clip or not to clip

Wow! Great info… Thank you Pat, I will look into it, hoping to learn more…

Hi Colleen, I didn’t only get a 2nd opinion, but I’m waiting on a 3rd opinion… I sent my films to another neurosurgeon Dr Michael Alexander @ Cedar-Sinai. My aneurysm is not leaking anymore, after the initial rupture, it seams to have gone down in size, from 3mm to 1mm currently, which is good and bad I’ve been told, good because it’s smaller, and bad because it’s too small to be coiled. Thank you for your good wishes.

I have/had 3 unruptured aneurysms. He wanted to coil 2 at the same time, and tried, but one was just to small. The larger was coiled w a stent placed. The third is only 1mm so not even a consideration yet. I like him very much - he's incredibly professional, his office is one of the most impressive I've been in (the way its run, all of the people there). He's straight=forward, and takes time to answer all questions. 2 1/2 yrs later and I'm 100% fine, and the one he coiled in no longer considered an aneurysm, so complete success. I met with Dr Duckweiler at UCLA after I'd had my surgery, just to see how he would have handled things (it all happened very fast) and how he'd approach the future, and he agreed with everything Dr Alexander did. Duckweiler is also one of the best around, but he only does coilings, not clippings. Alexander does both. I beleiv e hes one of the best in the world.

I was referred to him by my neurosurgeon, Dr Salem. I heard precisely that, he’s one of the best in the world. Thank you, it’s good to know from somebody that has actually been his patient. For now, I’m kind of just waiting for him to get back with me once he reviews my films… All this is great information and it gives me hope…

Hi Jaycie, I finally saw Dr Alexander yesterday, he suggested a coil with a stent, he says he is positive he can do it! I’m SO relieved! I had lost hope, I feel much better after meeting with him. You were right he’s great!

Great news...just read what you wrote to Jaycie. Glad you can have the coiling done...let us know when...sending positive thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thank you SO much for your kind words!