Hello all-

I am a aneurism survivor who is dealimng with tinitus (noise in my head all the time). I lost all hearing in my left ear when I had a ruptured aneurism last August. Does anyone know of a treatment or medication that will alleviate this? It seems to be getting worse.

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Hi Kathy...I had that noise in my head after the coiling...it lasted for a few months...but went away...almost drove me crazy...I do hope someone here can help you with information on treatment...

Cyber`Thoughts your way...Colleen

Kathleen, welcome and hope we can help.

Following the minimally invasive coiling, I had extreme hearing loss/tinnitus. Almost a year later, referred to a specialist; test results show loss in both ears at the baseline of mild/medium range hearing loss; and, f/up every two years for any changes.

My tinnitus was/is only in my left ear. Acupuncture would reduce the screeching; tho I'd go back every 30-60 days; well worth it to me.

A few years later, I took the Brain Fitness program of PositScience (check their website) that promotes a CD for home use. Because of my condition(s), I went to a local sr center who was providing it with instructor; I needed explanations and hand-holding. Brain Fitness is based on re-paving around the auditory nerve; for seniors to hear better to remember better. (please remember this is my brief interp of Posit's data).

The exciting part is that I got so much reduction in tinnitus, (unexpected); after the first couple of weeks, I had 5 mintue to several hours of clarity. When it first occurred, it was startling, to the point of my reduced brain, I was first wondering what caused more loss...Then, told my instructor; I finally realized the clearness also followed shower/shampooing when I bent over.

Posit also has a free monthly email newsletter w/lots of data on the brain a/w/a many games; including one on driver reaction time. I have not had to go back to acupuncture for the reduction of tinni noise. Please remember, acupuncturists can vary in treatment just like MDs...so if the first does not work; try another. I am not a stockholder in PositScience; get no benefit other than pleasure in promoting Brain Fitness due to my results.

Also, pull-up cranial nerves to learn of the vestibulocochlear nerve (# VIII); vestibulo senses head position and changes relative to gravity (related to balance) and the cochlear (hearing) hearing re: of sound waves moving to fluid movement (more difficult to explain). We have 12 cranial nerves (CN) both sides; and, there are 6 that relate to some portion of our vision; from sight, dark/light, and the various eye rotation/pupil movement. If you have any vision issues, please ask for a referral to a neuro-oph.

Many prayers you will ask your mds about seeing an ENT specialsit and for trying acupuncture.


Thank you Pat. I will look into your suggestions. I put a call into my neurosurgeon at MGH yesterday and am awaiting a response from him or his staff. You did give me some hope and I am very grateful

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