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This is pretty new for me

So it’s been a little over a month since my diagnosis. I was diagnosed 2 days before my 26th birthday (due to a concussion my puppy gave me…) and it’s been a little tumultuous.

I wasn’t able to meet with my new doctor until 3 weeks after it was found. I went through a pretty intense mourning period—crying nonstop, missing work because I couldn’t care, consistently thinking about what this meant now—but then I got some pretty good news. I have an intracranial, extradural brain aneurysm that is 3mm. They’ve put me on a monitoring plan and the risk of surgery is much higher than the risk of rupturing, so it’s not really an option right now. It’s also behind my left eye, right around my sinuses, so my eye will turn bright red if it ever does rupture.

I know that I got pretty good news that it’s extradural because it gives me more time to get to the hospital and lessens the chance of me… but it still feels like my life has been turned upside down.

I’m starting to freak out about it again, but it feels like I’m not allowed to anymore since more time has passed and I’m lucky enough to know ahead of time. A lot of people did the whole “oh, you need to be positive about this!” and it took everything not to just scream. Every time I get a headache around my left eye I get really scared. I just want to get to the point where this is something I live with and it’s “easier” to accept. I don’t know what to do or who to talk to; what are things you’ve all done to just live with it?

It takes some time to adjust , first in any way I would very limit any alcohol , no smoking , no lifting heavy things , be avoid hitting your head , and limit stress .
I have interesting but often exausting work , but for me its wonderful distraction. The life continues , and it’s not easy for anybody , everyone has his own amount of struggle , suffer , problems , losses… but we all need to learn how to be happy despite life circumstances .

You can do all interesting pleasant things for yourself , change the hairstyle , learn a new language , think about new projects , music and art are extremely helpful , do something new … little good things …

Regarding the prospective , they probably will keep watching you if your aneurysm doesn’t change size , if it will start growing , they may start thinking about treatment . I am on the watch too.


Hey tatianalexia,
I have to tell you that emotional rollercoaster is pretty damn normal. “…lot of people did the whole “oh, you need to be positive about this!” and it took everything not to just scream…” Scream? I wanted to bash them into next week. IDIOTS, they have no idea of the stresses involved.

Now, a bit of a reality check. 3mm is considered small and (depending on exact location and your general health), at a very small chance of rupture. This is not to minimise you concern, not at all, but if you go do a search you will find that the size can play an important consideration. I try to use an old line of “Be aware, but not alarmed” headaches for us are ‘normal’ (if you can ever call them ‘normal’).

I now look for a progression of symptoms. Headache, not good, but OK. Eye pain/visual disturbance, nasty and a bit more concern. Nausea and vomiting, get to a hospital. If I have these sorts of symptoms, getting progressively worse, there’s a problem. These are MY signs of a problem, yours may be different. Initially, I panicked at a headache but slowly I have learnt which signs are OK and which signs are ‘Act now’. A few times I have acted, gone to hospital, to be sent home. But twice I have acted and it was lucky I did. If you are concerned, if you are having some progression, then act. What’s the worst they can say “There’s nothing wrong, just go home and rest” but if there is an issue and you don’t act…

Some medicos can be very quick to minimise or discredit symptoms, but you are the one dealing with all of this, not them. These stresses are real, VERY REAL. We have to manage all of this the best way we can, don’t be letting others tell you how you should manage, over time you will learn what works best for you, but it does take time to learn and that initial ‘OMG’ is normal that I can assure you of. As I say often the better advice can be “Be aware, but not alarmed” and act if you feel the need.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

First want you to know it is “OK” for you to feel this way.Sometimes it’s impossible for people to understand.You go ahead and cry.I felt afraid when they told me I had 4 Brain aneurysms.Everyones experience is different.I had Brain Surgery 6 months ago.I have gotten so much support from coming to this online site.I think in time will get better For you to deal with your diagnosis.But you just need to be kind to yourself .Most of us completely felt same way too.Your surrounded by friends.:heartbeat:

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You have gotten many good answers about the challenges of watch-and-wait, but I am curious about how your puppy caused a concussion? I want to get one, but now I am worried it might be risky since my balance is already not great. Can you describe the puppy? I was hoping to get a St Charles spaniel, but maybe I should go for a smaller breed. Maybe an older dog that’s less rambunctious?

I have a little pug puppy (Winston!) and I was giving him a bath, which he hates! He tried to run away and I turned around quickly to grab him, where I slammed my head against my bathroom counter. I really should have paid attention to how close I was to the counter. :joy:

Thank you all for the support. I really appreciate being able to talk to people who get it.


When my lab was a pup, around 4-6 months old, she beaned me right between the running lights. 14 years later, she saved my life when I ruptured.

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