This is for my very best friend I lost January 21, 2011

She was only 38 years old. She and I had so many laughs togeter, now it is just quite. I am not sur ewhat I will do without her. I miss her so much everyday my heartaches. She left behind two wonderful children, Nathan, 15 and Avery, 12. I know their childhood will never be the same. She also left behind her brother, Keith, her mom Sean, step-father, Larry, step sister, Michelle and many, many, many friends. It’s funny, she always had a certain sparkle in her eye. I am not sure if that means anything, but I looked at her as a very special person. She was giving, kind. and warm hearted. Befroe her death, she even took in a young 17 year old girld whose family did not want her. she was unshelfish and always, always ready to give to those who needed it. In her death, she gave her heart, lungs, eyes, kidneys and evern her skin. Her father-in-law, who lost his life in the vietnam war; needed a skin transplants. There was no end to her giving and it continues after your passing.