The Roller Coaster of TBI Recovery

During recovery are there times where it seems to a slight extent that patients regress, perhaps for a week and then move forward in their progress again creating a sort of roller coaster recovery pattern? Just wondering if this is normal.

Thanks for responding. Mom is 6 weeks into rehab. She’s nowhere near coming home so I don’t think it’s the adrenalin. She still has SO much further to go. Cognitively she isn’t capable of realizing that she no longer has hair or even that the bone in her forehead has been removed. But when I say she has regressed, I mean she has been somewhat lethargicat times the past week and response time for commands has been delayed and she is even more distracted. Blood cultures came back normal and she has follow up appt with her neuro surgeon on the 29th. Even when she walks she doesn’t initiate her steps. She takes them, but someone moves the walker and guide her. I know planning, organizing, initiating and higher level thinking are frontal lobe traits, and part of her left frontal lobe was removed.

Do you think this is just a normal part of recovery? You obviously got better after your regression.

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Thanks for writing. It does help to receive feedback from others. I know what to expect and feel better. I posted some pics of mom and me on my page. Maybe you would like to see them. She is the reason I am on here.

: ]

Oh, yeah, I’m living on the roller coaster with my husband’s recovery. I don’t like the ride, but I am glad for every step forward he makes.