The Journey Goes On

Today marks 1 year since my life started to change. 1 year ago today, I went for what should have been a straight forward easy surgery but turned out to be so much more. In a year my life has been ripped out from under me, my body destroyed time after time from surgery and not being able to function for 6 months or so while recovering from each one. Yet here I am, still fighting and slowly rebuilding my strength and muscle in my body. It has been a hard year but I am so grateful for the opportunities and friends this journey has brought into my life. I know it won't be easy but I will keep fighting and be grateful for the fact that after all I have been through, my road continues!

5 surgeries, going on 10 times on Thursday under general anesthesia, 2 less organs, 26 specialists, several injuries, nearly dying 6 times, rehabilitation and so much more. I am truly blessed to be here today. I would not change any of it though. This journey has made me who I am and to be alive 1 year after my life was ripped out from under me is such an accomplishment because this time last year; I didn't think I would be here a year later! My annie-versary is coming up in October too, 6 days before I turn 30!

I believe this is the time to celebrate life!

The photos I have included show just a piece of what has happened. The first one in the black is a year ago when I weighed 135 lbs. The second one is me now at a whopping 93 lbs, which I fight to maintain but no one can tell me why. The last one was my deck dissection to remove 4 lymph nodes back in February. That was the last major surgery I had. Since then I have had to minor surgeries.

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I am much older than you, now 71. On 11/11/07, I had a cerebral anuerysm rupture and I learned what my life challenge was, Long story short, I have had both a left and right craniotomy, Three total aneurysms were found. My left side is paralyzed , I had a stroke after second craniotomy have loss some field of vision, hearing, sense of taste, smell, have balance issues, a small seizure disorder, had aphasia. Had to close my garden design business can’t drive 4 years PT 2 years OT, speech therapy, incontinence therapy. Thought I was humpTy-dumpty. Heard a sermon, that God comes to us thru the cracks in our lives. Decided I was accessible. Since then, I have danced at my daughters wedding held my first grandchild, and sing in the choir. I am learning Spanish, play Mah Jong, bridge, write Haiku poetry, have been back in touch with old friends, study my genealogy - have found and communicated with 5 cousins, I didn’t know or speak to. A full, but not easy life- I’ll take it!

Found out my paternal grandmother had died of same thing at 35 years of age. Linda