The Heat and noises in my head

Hello all and blessings! I had a SAH May 21st 2012. Blessed to be here:) I am asking if anyone has problems with high humidity to the point that it basically shuts mr down. Meaning I cant work for very long even in air conditioning. Also I hear high pitch sounds in my head and it feels like I need to pop my ears andI become light headed as well. My rupture was at the right Posterior Comm. Artery. I also have four more that are to small to repair. They call these Kissing Aneurysms. At least its a pleasant name:) im very blessed to be able to work and function but it seems to get a little harder to do every year. THANK YOU FOR READING! GOD BLESS:)

Hi Tina,

I too had a rupture of my right posterior communicator in late 2006...were you coiled or clipped? I was coiled...and had no troubles with humidity really..but then again, I live in Southern California where there isn't too much moisture ..but when I visited my brother in Missouri, I thought I would drop dead from the humidity ! seriously, and I noticed it didn't seem to affect anyone else like it did me--(??? I dunno', hopefully you'll get lots more responses to your question). Have you brought this up to your neurosurgeon? best of luck to you, Peace, Janet

Hello Janet! Thank you for the reply. Mine was coiled and I did ask him and he said he hadn’t had anyone with this particular problem. I live in Kentucky and the humidity is as high as the clouds:). I use to live in Northern Cali and loved it:(. Low humidity and awesome people! Im glad we are here to discuss it!
Blessings to you !

hi tina! yes i have tinnuitis also, my sah was 5 yrs ago, sounds like you have wax and or fluid buildup, try your family dr. Humidity is brutal here near philly, ty Bless you too!

Will do Ron and thank you so much! Seeing her this week! Blessings!

Hi Tina...since my husband thinks I could be a here would agree they feel the same way...everytime there is a drastic change in weather I get such a bad migraine...the humidity can cause this and my asthma to go off ... but like you ... it is so confusing because I stay in the A/C...I think the humidity finds a way to get into our homes...when this is happening to really need to slow down and rest more...and if anything seems that "it has come out of nowhere (pain, etc.,) consult your Doctors...Keep us posted on you and wishing better days ahead...~ Colleen

Hi Tina I hope you are well. I had artery cartoid aneurysm.but I’ve big problems in general it doesn’t have to be high humidity and I feel sick. If it’s high I passed out. If it’s a humid day. I have to stay by the AC. So now outdoor activities for the summered nil! It sucks,but I have gotten used to my " new normal." Keep the Faith Tina.

Thank you so much Colleen:)

Hi, yes I get very bad headaches still. They were much worse back east with all the rain and humidity. I moved two years ago to Arizona and they have improved. I still have them everyday, it’s has something to do with the amount of bleeding I had, but they are much better. Hope this helps and I hope you feel better!!

The humidity is a bugger. I too hear what I think sounds like bugs chirping on a summer night. I hear this sound most of the time. I just pretend I’m outside by the lake. Lol.

Hi Tina

I have 3 clipped aneurysms and I had a small bleed after the 3rd. I too have bad tinnitus, different in both ears tapping on the left and tinkling right and when we have storms coming, I get migraine from hell! My neurologist has said no treatment for it just general over the counter meds as I am on epilepsy drugs and with the clips I could have a stroke