The date is set!

I just found out my surgery is Sept 4th (a Wednesday). I am grateful to have a date set! Thanks to all for communicating with me.


Prayers for grand results for you...and, you will keep us updated...


thanks Pat....I will definitely keep updating!

Hi Jeannie (good Scottish sounding name there!)

Glad to know that you have a date for your surgery (I think it is always easier to deal with things once you have dates confirmed and can plan!). Will be wishing all the best for you on that Wednesday for an uncomplicated procedure and swift recovery. I'm sure you'll do great :)


Hi Jeannie! Wow congratulations! Think positive and all will be textbook! Keeping you in thoughts and prayers~

thanks, Ron....I believe that too!

thanks, Bruce!! You are exactly right....once I made my plan I actually relaxed a bit! :)

Scottish???? noooooo Jeannie is American!!! ie-Jeannie with the light brown hair, Idream of Jeannie---lollolol -sorry folks i'm just funning!!! couldn't resist!

Yes, I am American! Funny....:)

Whoop Whoop is time...and you will be ready to get past this and start the healing journey...thoughts and prayers out to you ~ Colleen

thank you so much for the support and kind words. I am looking forward to being (or at least feeling) normal again! :)