The date is set

After months of the unknown I have found the doctor that will be doing my surgery, and we have a date.
Dr Richards at Providence Park Hospital in Novi. He took the time to talk about everything with us and boy did we have alot of questions. So any who June 14th is my date. This is going to be a LONG week of waiting. But I feel better, was never good with the unknown.

Hi Angela - I am glad you found a Doctor that took the time to answer your questions...finding someone you are comfortable with is hard. I absolutely love my Neurosurgeon and knowing he is going to be with me in the OR helps ease my fears a bit. Which surgery are you having done?

congrates Angela! ~so happy for you! You have a great attitude! keep the positive flow going and we will band together in prayers for the procedure and quick recovery. My wait went super quick cause I kept busy so I didn't sit around and think too much. I have a good feeling about this -your date is my sisters birthday-flag day!-I will wave the flag in your and sisters honor! keeping you and yours in thoughts and prayers!

Thanks Ron I’m going to try to stay busy got the kids doing all of their end of year activities so it should go fast. I hope :slight_smile:

Mary- they are going to try for the coiling, but he said that once he sees the angiogram which he is doing right before the surgery, then he will decide. Pretty sure this will be the one he does.

I was coiled...from reading all the posts on here I know most people would rather be clipped because it is a more permanent fix. Personally I am fine with my coils. I know that there is a higher chance that they will compact and I will need more added down the road but I am ok with that. I read the stories of the clippings where they are still suffering from headaches, have scars, have numbness and am thankful that I was coiled. I have not had a headache in months :) My thoughts and prayers are with you...Lord knows with kids the time will fly by. You take care and let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help with...Mary

Keep Busy...enjoy your time...and know that I am sending positive vibes and prayers...~ Colleen