The best thing about being a survivor is

I read someone’s story about their experience and in regard to the outpouring of support they received they described it along the lines of being alive for your own funeral … Kinda dark, but it made me smile.

I am trying to create my own top ten great things I can say are a result of surviving, haven’t reached ten yet, please add your suggestions

  1. I lost 21lbs in hospital and have kept 10 of those off
  2. By the time I became mobile I was well on my way to being a non-smoker
  3. My partner is the man I will marry
  4. My life is pretty darn good
  5. My adult kids love me more than I realized
  6. I have made some great friends in my lifetime
  7. My memory may be worse than ever but Netflix has never been so good

Hi Kellie, I am also a survivor if two aneurysms, one that ruptured. I’m indeed grateful to God for His Mercy. I also had a great surgeon that also explained how my outcome was not the average. However, he also acknowledged that he nor his team could take the credit for my miraculous recovery. You know my 85 year old aunt said the same thing to me “that it was like my funeral, but I was still alive”. Stay well and be Blessed!!

Kellie...I am not at all surprised... and, please forgive my slowness...I come on/off this site...because my concentration levels are limited...

I had the "out-of-body" experience...which is surprising / unbelievable to some...and, others so supportive...The vision of that is so clear in my memory... Some of my friends had humor in saying that it was my mom asking Him... if He wanted me to be asking questions up there w/them or down here...

Because you have so much openness with your numbers...I am compatible to the 9 lives of a cat...

May come back later and list them...have to get back to another project...

Have a grand weekend...

Kellie - don’t forget your humor! You have life down pat with it!