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That time again

Got a note from the head doctor today. It is time to snake up into my brain and visit blobbo the aneurysm. ( that is his name) I asked if I could a CT because it seemed easier and less invasive, but apparently we need to see how big he is and if he is hanging out with any more friends playing poker in my brain. Maybe he is just hang out playing slot machines and minding his own business.
I know it is small and I know I am 99% fine, but it causes me anxiety and no one gets that. I mean no one not in our world. There is no point in discussing it with anyone else ( on the outside) because they will just poo poo me. Damn Blobbo.

We get it here: lean on us when you need to.

Seenie from ModSupport

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Sorry wish all of us didn’t have to go to aniexty.But know your not alone.I do understand happens to me too.

Do small ones grow?

My Surgery is set for August 20th 2019. I am having the NEW Webbing Devise set in the Aneurysm. I was so Afraid of The Invasive option. I hope I made the right choice.


I am having an MRA this month. I thought they were going to do the ir Anagiogram like they did last year, Bu they are going with the less invasive MRAm which is like an MRI but more specific. I hate MRI’s because I get claustrophobia, but I guess it is netter than having to lie on my back for 6 hours. REgardless, of what test they use, it still evokes anxiety. It is small ( blobbo -that is its name) but it is in a tricky area and even if it has only gewon a tiny bit, that is too much for me. Even if it is the same, it is too much for me sometimes.

@Scottydogg Glad you have a date set for your surgery. What is this new “webbing device” you speak of?


Kasandra Stebner

Send me your email address… I’ll send you a video… can’t copy it on here … I tried

No… it’s a me device that’s a webbing look it up on internet… Just look lfor webbing for aneurysms

I meant to say a new device

Hey @Scottydogg - I looked it up on the Internet and that looks cool! It’s a basket shaped annie sealer. That’s neat!

You do well in using your sense of humor to deal with this. It can be gutwrenchingly scary (I don’t think that’s a real word but it works for me). As others have said, outsiders never understand but we sure do. Please let us know, keep us posted.

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Surgery date is getting so close ( August 20th) my anxiety is constant

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Hang in there Abbycat! MRAs are much better than a CT and not near as risky as an angiogram. You’ll do great, keep us posted!

Scottydog, try doing a new topic so members can be more supportive

Hey Scotty,
Let me tell you, that is normal. I’ve had the ‘joy’ of going down the neurosurgical line 6 times (so far) and that anxiety happens every time. I mean, lets face it, we are talking about the brain, that bit that makes us who we are and that is scary. But the reality of it all is that we, the patients, have absolutely no control over any of this and for a control freak like me that is one hell of an internal battle. We have to hand that control over to the dr’s and that ain’t an easy thing to do. BUT stressing about it all is not going to help, in fact, stressing about it all can only make it worse.

I have found, for me personally, I have to keep myself occupied doing something, anything to ‘try’ and keep my mind from going down those ‘worst case scenario’ lines. Staying in that mindset turns my brain to moosh.

As Moltroub says ‘Hang in there… ….You’ll do great, keep us posted!’

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Modsupport… luckily I have an awesome wife that takes great care of me… she’s strong and supportive…and my boss is allowing me to work from home for 2 weeks as I recover


Me too and I’d be absolutely screwed without her too, wife that is. I had to let my job go when the dr’s wouldn’t let me return to my former role. VERY disappointing.

I’ve been with my job since 1984… I’m a Sr. Procurement agent… for a manufacturing company… my boss knows the time I’ve put into my career… he’s very understanding and generous…so my job is not at risk… and that’s very comforting…my anxiety stems
from me over thinking this surgery… it’s nice to talk to folks that understand how I feel

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