Thank you

I thank all of you for your responses relative to taste issues. Many also expressed that their sense of smell has also been affected. I do not think mine has, or at least not to a large degree.

Since my altered taste has not really disappeared and it has been 13 years now, I guess I am going to have to accept it may never be quite the same as it was. Of course that does not imply I have given up investigating supplements to take or tasting all foods to experiment with the taste. I still cook, as I love to do so. I just follow all the steps and imagine how the dish might taste. Oddly enough, I have been told I am a great cook-doesn't that beat all! I have not lost all taste-just a distortion of tastes. On rare occasion, it will actually seem to be okay. Then again, that might just be a mental wish. One person indicated that they use salt. My taste distortion is more bitter and salty,so I never use salt, other than in a recipe for it.

Again, I sense the tremendous sense of fortitude in each person as they cope with the effects of their aneurysm. Well, I am sure we would all like this to have never occurred in our lives; however, when I review statistics, we certainly are all truly survivors!

Bless you all. I find my faith has never failed me as I face all the obstacles.

Bless you too...and Thank you for writing a post that so many can relate to and feel a little less alone...wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen